How To Change IP Address on Windows 7

Changing IP addresses is of interest to users who do not wish to be listed on the IP blacklist as well as avoid spammers and hackers. Certain websites even block IP addresses from visiting the page, which can be overcome by changing the IP address. IP address can be of two types, public or private. The following are the steps to be followed in order to change the IP address.

Changing Public IP Address

Unplugging the modem- Dynamic IP addresses are provided by most of the service providers, which keeps changing from time to time. Every time a user connects to the network, he is likely to get a new IP address. If a user disconnects the modem and then reconnects, he will be assigned a new IP address.

* Connect with a different device- Though in most of the cases, the first device that is connected to the modem is a router, IP addresses are assigned according to the device first connected. In order to change the IP in such a case, the user can switch off the main power and then reconnect allowing the computer to get directly connected to the internet. This will lead to a change in the IP address. The user can also unplug the router along with the computer and reconnect using the router again. This changes the internet settings which eventually assign a new IP address.

* Contact ISP- Sometimes it is seen that the user has been assigned a Static IP address directly by the service provider. In this sort of a rare situation, the user can get the IP address changed by directly contacting the technical support department of the provider.

* Masking the IP address- Masking the IP address using a Virtual Private Network would allow all the benefits like that of having a new IP address to the user, like maintaining anonymity as well as security.

Changing Private IP Address

* Change IP address in command prompt. A user can change his IP address by opening the command prompt by entering cmd found in the Start menu. Once the prompt opens, the user has to type ipconfig /release followed by ipconfig /renew after the message has been displayed. This changes the IP address of the user automatically.

* Changing IP address through Windows Network Connection- A user can change his IP address following the steps given below.

       - Click on Start followed by properties of the Network icon
       - Then click on Manage/View connections
       - Then click on the Networking Tab, and then entering the clicking properties for TCP/IPv4 or TCP/IPv6
       - The IP address can then either be specified by clicking on .Use the following IP address. and then the Default gatewayboxes and           Subnet mask. The same procedure can also be followed for IPv6 version addresses
       - Then click on OK once all the IP address settings have been entered

* Change IP address through router - The IP address can also be changed by opening the LAN setup section. A permanent address can be assigned from the Address Reservation Section found in the setup section.

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