How to Change IP Address To France – Is VPN legal in France?

“Ne vous inquiétez pas, il est facile de changer l’adresse IP en France

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Comment allez-vous? I am sorry I am not able to speak more French because I don’t know it anymore but still I would love to know how are you ??, and that’s what I was asked before in the French language. The matter that we have a grip on is “how to change the IP address to France” to watch your favorite movies and trending shows.

As per the CyberDB , France falls in the list of Best Countries which have produced great skills to fight against Cyber Attacks. France has built cooperation ties with UK, China, Russia and USA  to make an exceptional cyber army against the cyber attacks and terrorism, they have introduced an effective cyber security strategy by establishing global partnerships with other progressive economies.

Within the jurisdiction France has imposed firm laws against cyber frauds and online malicious activities, they have made it very strict to an extent where people who need entertainment are being affected. The restriction are implemented to access the copyrighted content either it is entertainment or any online TV program. People want freedom to enjoy the content online due to this reason they seek the right ways to achieve their goal to change the IP address to France.

This article will guide you on the actions you can take to change IP address, we will also introduce you to the best VPN services available in the market.

How to Change IP Address to France Using ExpressVPN

Step 1  Buy a plan from ExpressVPN
and log in with the given credentials.

Step 2 Download the Desktop Client or Mobile App
that is widely available online.

Step 3 Connect to the service and select “French Server
now enjoy the “Most Reliable Service”

expressvpn france server


Recommended VPNs To Change IP Address To France

From a huge number of services we have tested and recommends a few which are listed down here, the factor that should be taken into consideretion is that the VPNs we suggest are so efficient, that to change IP Address to Canada it took only a few seconds.

  • Express VPN – 160 VPN server locations in 94 countries with 3,000+ VPN servers
  • Nord VPN –  80 Server locations in 62 countries with 5200 Servers.
  • SurfShark VPN -Multiple locations in 65 countries with 3200+ Servers in hand.
  • IPVanish VPN – 75+ locations operating in 50 + countries with 1,600+ servers.
  • CyberGhost VPN  -Numerous locations in 91 countries with  7000 Servers
  • Tunnelbear – Operatins in 41 different countries with 3000+ servers
  • Hotspot Shield –  80 countries with 3200+ servers.
  • Norton Secure VPN – Numerous locations in 500+ servers
  • Encrypt me –  48 countries & 500+ servers .
  • FastestVPN– 35+ countries with 500+ servers.

Best VPNs To Change IP Address To France

A Detailed Analysis






  1. Optimum performance with Windows platform
  2.  Accessibility to social media
  3. Strict data logging policy
  4. Excellet app options


  1. lags on MAC OS
  2. No Instant complaint system
  3. Non supportive for Internet Explorer
  4. 05 corresponding connections.

ExpressVPN has over 3000 servers located in 94 countries. From the total of 3000 servers, 65 are placed for the European region & 4 are serving in 02 cities of France: Paris & Strasbourg to provide splendid service. The $6.67/month package is the best plan for saving money because it includes a free month.

france servers paris

ExpressVPN offers a secure way to communicate over the Internet, through Trusted Server Technology that never logs your activities. ExpressVPN comes equipped with patented features that will prevent hackers by verifying your identity.

ExpressVPN has a built-in “kill switch” feature which is useful to avoid any resulting overflow and makes it an ideal VPN. ExpressVPN has become one of the most reliable VPNs on the market.

While most VPNs offer credit card information to make payments, ExpressVPN accepts Bitcoin as a payment method.


  • Flexible to work on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux
  • 160 server locations
  • 3000 Servers
  • Presence in French cities Paris & Strasbourg.
  • SLA Contract Length 1 month, 6 months, 1 year
  • Split Tunneling Yes
  • Netflix Yes
  • Torrenting Yes
  • IP Addresses Dynamic
  • 30,000 IP addresses:
  • 05 simultaneous connections.
  • Operations in more than 94 countries


Nord VPN



  • Flawless App with multiple options
  • Accessibility to social media
  • Strict logging rules


  • Static IP
  • In capable client service
  • Kill switch doesn’t fully support Mac OS

NordVPN is runner-up in our list for countries you want to draw your IP address from. It has more than 5200 servers on 80 server locations, and it offers 06 connections at a time which eclipses the competition that maxes out at five connections. The company has placed over 230+ servers in France specifically Paris & Strasbourg. When the user connects, the app automatically selects a fast server.

Nord - france servers

NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN brands in the world. It offers six concurrent connections and where competitors offer five, its servers allow for it. NordVPN users have the option to select a Private IP. This is a useful feature when traveling abroad where firewall regulations may be more stringent, and it includes an easy Kill Switch that transforms the VPN into TOR by one click.

There was a 53% reduction in our own speed as soon as using NordVPN. No interruptions were detected, and when VPN failed to live up to expectations, it demonstrated the standard range of performance.

NordVPN’s 2-year subscription plan is $3.75/month, which totals to $90 over the two years. Their 1-year plan costs $4.92 per month or a total of $59 in one year and their monthly option is 11.9 dollars as well as featuring 30 days of refund coverage


  • Works fine with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux
  • More than 80 server locations
  • 5200 Servers serving internationally
  • Presence in French cities Paris & Strasbourg
  • SLA is available for 1 month, 1 year, 2 years
  • Split Tunneling Yes
  • Netflix Yes
  • Torrenting Yes
  • 5,000 IP addresses (static & dynamic)
  • Operations in more than 62 countries





  • Infinite connectivity
  • Affordable packages
  • 30 days service check trial period.


  • Incapable customer service
  • Kill switch is manually operated.
  • Static IP address
  • A bit slow with direct competitors.

Surfshark is giving its competitors in the market a tough challenge because it has created features like unlimited device support, which consists of your computers, laptops, and routersto support your entire office or home. The company also provides you features like anti-tracker and anti-malware tools

“Speed tests demonstrate an average 17% loss of speed”, which is the best in comparison with other competitors. France servers are P2P compatible, DNS manipulation-resistant, and offer extensions support. They are operating with 3200+ servers in 65 different locations all over the world.  All servers offer P2P support, OpenVPN/IKEv2, private DNS, and camouflage mode. They are located in Paris, Marseille, and Bordeaux.

Surfshark’s extension support for Chrome and Firefox ranks it among its competitors, is widely recommended by the German Cyber Security Firm Cure 53.

They have excellent apps compatible with Windows,iOS,Mac OS, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV; gamers can also play on a console using their DNS.

Surfshark provides three modes to bypass restrictions. The Camouflage Mode conceals your traffic, the Multihop Mode hops through countless countries, and the NoBorders Mode allows you to use Surfshark in non-permissible areas.

  • Flawlessly work with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux
  • They serve in 65+ server locations
  • Serving with 3000 Servers
  • Servers in French cities are Paris, Marseille, and Bordeaux
  • SlA lenght 1 month, 1 year, 2 years
  • Split Tunneling Yes
  • Netflix Yes
  • Torrenting Yes
  • Static & Dynamic IPs   Yes

Ways to Change IP Address to France


Resetting your local IP address

If you are on a local network, you may change the IP address by going to your router or device settings.

1) For Windows

windows ip
  • Go to Command Prompt
  • Type ipconfig /release – this will release your current IP
  • Type ipconfig /renew – now reset your new IP 
  • Save Settings

2) For Mac OS

You can change IP address on MAC Systems


  • Click Apple menu
  • Run System Preferences
  • Select Current Network
  • Browse Advanced…
  • Select TCP/IP
  • Click Renew DHCP

Using TOR Browser


For extreme privacy, a browser is created & implemented that uses the TOR system to encrypt data. This obfuscates your IP address from where the traffic was sent and therefore protects both your location and identity while on the internet.


  1. Free to Download
  2. Extreme annonimity
  3. Easy to Use


  1. Slow speed
  2. Credible Websites Block It
  3. Illegal to Use


When Using TOR is Beneficial?
      • Information can be collected secretly.
      • There may be something fishy to investigate.
      • To do private activities without being detected.

Proxy Server(s)

proxy server


When an intermediary server is connected to a proxy server, the request goes to the intermediary system. After gathering the necessary data from its user (you), it sends you back your gathered location through its proxy.

  • One of the most important aspects of a typical proxy server is that it appends any additional data with the client demand and then sends it to the Web Server.
  • The intermediary system can change the IP address allocated to the client that makes it unpredictable.
  • It can scramble the data for different gadgets to make them muddled.
  • An in-between system can interfere with IP by physically tracking it.


      1. Completely hides IP Address.
      2. Availability of Paid and free version.
      3. Qurick & Secured Connectivity.


      1. Extra Security is not provided
      2. Data on risk.
      3. Not easy to handle.

Public WIFI Network 

public wifi

Public Wi-Fi networks are found in airports, coffee shops, shopping centers, cafes, and inns. Although the benefit of free membership is tempting to use when traveling internationally or in other parts of their daily life, many people do not realize that logging into an open Wi-Fi network for personal records can put private information at risk.

    • Individual data can be hacked
    • A Web session can be seized
    • The session can sometimes be decoded and cracked.
    • If a third party steps in, the deal can be compromised
    • The sniffing attack can be dispatched to the device
    • Malware can be injected

Use Of Mobile Data

mobile data

To change the IP address on Android or to change the IP address on iOS without Wi-Fi, it is a legitimate approach to show your presence on the web. The cellular phone can transmit information through a remote medium. If you have a cellphone, you can easily send the information as and when needed.

Changing to mobile is not an ideal answer, but it may be necessary if there are no other options. Mobile data is different from WiFi: you don’t rely on its availability and can use an intermediary to change your IP address in case someone tries to track you down.

Should I Use VPN ??

Do you want to protect your identity?

If you are looking for a way to protect your data, VPNs are a great option. They encrypt all of the data that goes in and out of your device, meaning even if someone intercepts it by accident or on purpose, they cannot read anything without authorization from the VPN’s server. You can use these services on any device – a laptop.

Connecting to a VPN service once you are connected to the internet will help secure and encrypt your communications, helping ensure that no one else can access any information you don’t want them to.

Why Use VPN
    • The convenience of streaming content.
    • Highly Secured Connection
    • Safeguarding Transactions
    • Safeguards Data Stealing.
    • Improved Anonymity


  1. Vibrant encryption provides great privacy
  2. Speeds are quick and reliable
  3. Great Accessibility to Streaming


  1. Paid version available
  2. Activities can be logged
  3. Limited Performance

Which do you recommend among all the VPN providers for security, features, and reliability?. When you are considering a VPN purchase, make sure to consider the following factors

    • VPNs should have fast internet connectivity.
    • It is important to use a secured system and protect your information.
    • Provides accessibility to social media
    • Certain encryption should provide reliable security and well-defined procedures.
    • You should choose a program with easy-to-navigate interfaces.
    • Customers want customer support available at any time, no matter what the season.
    • It must be comparable in price.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have already recommend  the best VPNs available which are :

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. Nord VPN
  3. SurfShark VPN
  5. Cyber Ghost VPN

  1. We recommend ExpressVPN for VPN service.
  2. The app is available for download on (choose the name of your operating system)
  3. To connect to the server in France, open the app and select a VPN server in France.
  4. Browse to a website that is geo-restricted.

It is legal to use a VPN in France. This applies no matter what country you are traveling to, so long as they don’t have specific laws against it.


We have built this article with a single objective of allowing you to become aware of the ways by which you can change your IP address to France and stay safe from harm while performing activities in cyberspace.

VPNs are not without their pitfalls or drawbacks, but they have proven the most effective solution for our problem to date.