How to Get UK IP Address [November 2021 Updated]

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“Come on gear up all lucky cyber sods! Now to get UK IP address is no more a difficult task”

How to Change ip address in UK

United Kingdom has left people gob-smacked crafting and implementing firm cyber laws to keep internet bonkers safe and secured while browsing the cyber services. On the contrary, guys think their freedom is slugged off with the strictly imposed policies on uk streaming content which have taken away entertainment from lives by blocking the british content & streaming services. Finding solutions over search engines against changing IP addresses to get entertained, for the purpose you must possess only one IP from active United Kingdom IP addresses or otherwise you will definitely fail to watch your favorites on British Netflix & will face problems to watch BBC iPlayer, UK sports or bt sport.

Chuffed up blokes!! We will nick your freedom by cracking the encryption wall on UKstreaming content make it possible for you to watch uk shows, will tell you the legal ways, to understand more detail in order to get acess to blocked streaming platforms or movie websites.

Leave faffing around and just focus on reading the guidelines we have written here for you, you will be revealed with tactics and will be introduced with the latest tools to achieve bypass restrictions on streaming services. Believe us we are guiding you to few simple steps which will help you to access content & by implimenting which you not only get UK IP address but can change IP address to Canada , France, Australia or Newzealand as and when you want.

How to Get UK IP Address To UK in 2021

Here are the steps given which will aid you to get UK IP Address. Follow them.

Step 1  Buy a plan from ExpressVPN and log in with the given credentials.

Step 2 Download the Desktop Client or Mobile App that is widely available online.

Step 3 Easy way it is to connect to the service and select from “UK Servers“, now enjoy surfing streaming platforms

Recommended VPN Service To Get UK IP Address

When it comes to VPNs, the first thing you should think about is security and changing IP addresses too. That’s why we picked ones that use military-grade encryption, offer a variety of options for instance openVPN, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2, and more, have DNS Servers leak protection and a kill switch, and have a large number of servers.

Considering the factors mentioned before , our team has tested numerous VPN servers which are not just good to get UK IP address but equally good to configure IP address to Australia or NewZealand, here are a few recommended best VPNs services:

  • Express VPN  Business in 94 countries with around 3,000+servers and 160 VPN servers locations , numerious UK servers specifically.
  • Nord VPN –   Presence in 62 Countries, owns 5200 fast Servers on 80 Server locations. specifically 440 UK Servers.
  • SurfShark VPN –  Presence in 65 Countries with 3200+ Servers , 06 dedicated UK servers.
  • IPVanish VPN – Business in  50 + countries , serving with 1,600+ servers on 75+ locations- operating numerous UK Servers.
  • CyberGhost VPN  – Serving 91 Countries with 7000 Servers with fastest speeds.
  • Tunnelbear – Working on 41 different  locations with 3200+ servers
  • Hotspot Shield – Serving in 80 countries with 3200+ servers
  • Norton Secure VPN – Owns 500+ servers serving at several servers locations
  • Encrypt me –  Working in 48 countries serving with 500+ servers
  • FastestVPN– Presently working in 35+ countries and owns 500+ servers

Best VPNs To Get UK IP Address in Few Clicks


ExpressVPN – The Best VPN to Get UK IP Address

express vpn



  1. The best performance on Windows platform
  2. Accessibility to streaming sites like Netflix, bbc iplayer and amazon prime video
  3. Policies for storing data are Strict
  4. The app provides lots of options.


  1. Doesn’t work properly on Mac OS
  2. There is no telephone service available.
  3. No support is offered for Internet Explorer
  4. 05 simultaneous connections are available.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN provider to get a one from UK IP addresses. The company was founded in 2009, has extensive servers based all over 94 countries with intensive security features, and has been updated to have 3 different server locations in the UK alone. These UK servers are of high quality and always up 24/7 and are intant reponders for changing IP address to UK. You can try out their $6.67/month plan, which is the most affordable one, with a free month offer as well.

express servers

ExpressVPN uses Trusted Server Technology to automatically set up VPN connections to protect your personal data through online security. ExpressVPN has an extensive FAQ section focusing on “other information” that will quickly resolve any issues you may be having with the network.

Unlike other providers, ExpressVPN offers a kill switch feature that prevents internet traffic from leaking if the VPN loses connection. Additionally, ExpressVPN offers consistent and fast speeds for sophisticated internet users and protect against DNS Servers Leak. Compared to its past few years of unreliable performance and slow speed, ExpressVPN has improved significantly in both reliability and quickness. Indeed its a wonderful service to change ip address to UK or any other region.

ExpressVPN accepts bitcoin as a payment method, which goes towards the mission of providing customers with ease. you can also pay through UK bank accounts.

  • Compatibility with platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux
  • Extended network to 160 server locations
  • Owns 3000 Servers – Several UK Server
  • Presence in UK cities is Wembley, Docklands, London & East London.
  • The maximum monthly package is $12.95
  • Contract (SLA) term length 1 month, 6 months, 1 year
  • Split Tunneling Yes
  • Netflix UK –  Yes
  • Torrenting –  Yes
  • IP Addresses Dynamic
  • Shared & Dedicated ip addresses.
  • More than 30000 IPs are functioning
  • Operates in 94 countries

NordVPN – Runner-up VPN to Get IP Address to UK

Nord VPN



  • Application has good options
  • Provides access to social media with unlimited bandwidth.
  • Strict logging policy


  • Static or Fixed IP
  • Incapable Customer Support
  • A kill switch is manually operated on MAC.

NordVPN is one of the most well-known VPN service providers on the market if you need an instant modification to IP Address to UK or want to connect through UK IP address without any hastle. It offers six simultaneous connections with its servers & security features , for instance, while other competitors offer only five. It operates in 62 countries with more than 5200 server based on more than 80 server locations. The company has placed over 440 servers in the UK without providing specific information about the cities, these UK servers provide high quality services to clients round the clock. When a user connects to this service, it automatically links up the user to the fastest and available server to instantly change IP address to UK.

nord vpn servers in europe

NordVPN’s private IP option returns a connection that is not easily traced. Furthermore, they have strict no logs policy, they do offer kill switche to turn the VPN service into TOR with one click.

In a comparison test where we reduced speeds by 53%, NordVPN’s were still quick and reliable. No interruption was found, and it met expectations any time VPN underperformed.

NordVPN’s two-year subscription costs $3.75/month or a total of $90, making it the cheapest option among VPN providers. Plans include a 30-day refund policy. We have found this service reliable for changing IP Address to UK.

  • Maximum performance with Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android devices
  • Operating on 80 Server Locations with 5200 servers over the globe and 440 UK Server.
  • Servicing clients in UK cities are Docklands, East London, London, Wembley.
  • The monthly package costs $95
  • Contract available for 1 month, 1 year, 2 years
  • Split Tunneling Yes
  • Netflix UK – Yes
  • Torrenting Yes
  • 5000+ IPs
  • Business presence in 62 Countries


surf shark



  • Located in the british virgin islands.
  • Unlimited bandwidth & connections per subscription
  • affordable packages
  • 30 days service checking period


  • Customer service needs to be updated
  • Kill switch doest work automatically
  • Static IPs
  • Lacks speed a bit

Surfshark, a relatively small VPN company powered by its ability to provide lots of services (unlimited device support, ad-blocking/anti-tracking/antimalware/ DNS Servers Leak), is giving an ultimate tough time to competitors with their more established products. Its very flexible to alter IP address on cross platforms or any device, even its great to produce results when you need an instant access to server using UK IP address or hiding real ip address.

It has strict no logs policy and operates with 3,200 servers in 65 locations out of the total servers they have placed 60+ for the Euro area. There are 6 servers in the UK, with 3 in London and 02 in Manchester. the loss in speed averages 17% during a general speed test. This is more reliable than many other competitors with similar offerings.

surf shark servers

Surfsharks extension is ranked among its competitors and has been positively recognized by the German Cyber Security Firm Cure 53.

They have excellent applications compatible with Windows, Routers ,OS X, Xbox One, and Playstation. Game console configuration is also supported

Surfshark provides a variety of tools to make encryption stronger and more effective. This includes the Camouflage Mode, which obscures your activity, Multihop Mode, which bounces data from one country to another to help you hide your identity, and even NoBorders Mode which allows Surfshark’s services in areas that have restricted Internet access.

  • Flawless working with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux
  • Servicing clients on 80 server locations – 6 UK Server.
  • A strong network of 3000 Servers.
  • Presence in UK cities: Docklands, East London, London, Wembley.
  • Contract Term 1 month, 1 year, 2 years
  • Split Tunneling Yes
  • Netflix Yes
  • Torrenting Yes
  • IP Addresses Dynamic or static
  • Private and Public IP Address

Other Legal Ways To Get UK IP Address


Renew your local IP address

It’s viable to change IP address on windows pc or laptop if you are connected to some local network just go to the router or the device setting and perform the following steps.

I – For Windows

  • Go to  Command Prompt
  • Type  ipconfig /release – this will release your current IP
  • Type ipconfig /renew – now reset your new IP
  • Save Settings

II – For Mac OS

To change ip address on MAC system , follow the steps given :

  • Click  Apple menu
  • Run System Preferences
  • Select Current Network
  • Browse Advanced…
  • Select TCP/IP
  • Click Renew DHCP

Your Mac should now be assigned a new local IP address.

The Onion Router – TOR Browser

Specially made a browser that hides web traffic utilizing using the “The Onion Router Network” where you transmitted information is passed through multiple layers before reaching to the destination; the process confuses the system to trace the original location from where the information transmitted. The feature provides extreme protection while browsing the cyber world.


  1. Available Free
  2. Keeps anonymity online
  3. Friendly User Interface


  1. Severs with slower speeds
  2. Social Media Blocks TOR
  3. Using Tor browser is Illegal

Tor browser is a more private and secure browser that allows you to surf the web more freely. Tor, like any other web browser, makes use of a local program to connect to the destination which is a UK server through a network of proxy servers. Although starting up the browser is somewhat different than in Chrome or Firefox. We do suggest here to not to use free proxy server.

When you browse the web using Tor, your real dedicated IP address and other system information are hidden from the websites and services you visit. It also prevents what you’re doing from your ISP. Using Tor browser is not effective to change IP address to UK as it has its own disadvantages.

When you need to use TOR?

      • Gathering marking intelligence monitoring your competitor
      • Investigating a legality
      • Any other activity that you never want to show to your ISP or any third party
      • Censorship and surveillance circumvention
      • When you need anonymous browsing.
      • Tor hidden services (.onion sites) can be accessed.

Use a Proxy Server

An alternative way to get UK IP address is using credible proxy server . A web proxy is a middleware that sits in the middle of a user’s connection to an online resource hiding real IP address. When you visit a website directly, you submit a web request containing personally identifiable information. The material you requested as a response is provided by the website.

A proxy-based connection serves as a passage between your online request and the data you’ll obtain from the website, rather than a direct link between users and websites. Proxies can mask or change your web request data and filter the website content so that you don’t receive undesirable information. This also protects your privacy while browsing the internet and gathering data.

      • It’s at the discretion of middleware to attach any extra information with the user request before transmitting it to the webserver.
      • It can change the IP address assigned to the user anytime to make the user anonymous.
      • It can encrypt the information to make it unreadable for other devices.
      • It can blocks IP through location tracing.


      1. Hide IP Completely.
      2. Free and Paid Both Versions.
      3. Reliable Connectivity


      1. No Extended Encryption
      2. Risk of Spying On Data
      3. Tough to Setup
      4. Severs with slower speeds

Every computer on the internet has its own unique Internet Protocol (IP) Address. Consider the IP address of your computer as this IP address. In essence, the internet works similarly to how the postal service functions by using its IP address to deliver the correct information to the proper device.

It is a computer with an IP address that your computer recognizes and which acts as a middleman for internet traffic. The request for your website is sent to the it first. On your behalf, the proxy server then transmits your request to the web server, receives its response, and returns it to you in a browser on the user

When your visitors are routed through a proxy server, they can alter what you send and still get the information you want. It may modify your IP address to prevent the webserver from knowing your precise location across the world. It can encrypt your data so that it’s unreadable as it travels over the internet.

Should I Use a Proxy Server? Proxy servers introduce several risks.

Not all that glitters is gold. Although proxy servers have many advantages and they are effective to get IK IP Address but they can also cause trouble too. That includes:

  • When you connect to an unsecured site, the proxy server can alter your response in both beneficial and negative ways. An infected or dangerous proxy server, for example, might be utilized to load malware onto your browser or redirect you to a phishing location.
  • A proxy is a program that allows you to alter your queries to a website or service on the internet in order to satisfy someone else’s requirements.
  • A proxy server monitors your activities and maintains records of them. As a consequence, it maintains a detailed record of you that might be useful in future identification.
  • Proxies do not change or alter data and simply use a different address to receive and send the data. Because the proxy server is serving it through a proxy server, you may be able to access data that has previously been encrypted since it will be routed via the same proxies.

Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi networks are ubiquitous, with hotspots in places like airports, coffee shops, malls, restaurants, and hotels. Despite their ubiquity and the appeal of free connectivity in public areas, many people fail to consider that logging into personal accounts on a public network could jeopardize login data for anything from emails to bank account access.

      • Personal information can be hacked
      • Internet Session can be hijacked
      • Connectivity is unencrypted and unsafe.
      • Business transaction can be cracked
      • Sniffing attack can be launched easily
      • Malware Injections
Protect Your Data

Here are some methods for protecting your data when using public Wi-Fi:

      • Never use your personal or financial information when using a public Wi-Fi connection. It’s not secure.
      • You should assume that any website you visit or interact with is not secure. You shouldn’t log in to or submit personal information on sites you don’t trust. Only use your account when necessary.
      • You should encrypt all of your visits to each website, from the time you log in to the moment you log out. If you think you’re logged in to an encryted site but arrive at an unencrypted page, immediately exit.
      • Don’t keep signing in to websites after you’ve finished using them. After you’ve used a certain account, go offline.
      • Don’t log in with the same password on multiple websites.
      • Pay attention to any cautions. Many web browsers will prompt you to be cautious before visiting a fraudulent website or downloading hazardous applications. Those alerts aren’t worth disregarding. Make sure your browser is up to date, as well as your security software if necessary.
      • Alter your device’s settings to stop it from connecting to nearby Wi-Fi automatically. As a result, you’ll have more control over when and how you use public Wi-Fi.
      • If you’re having trouble with your browser, consider using browser add-ons or plug-ins. Both Force-TLS and HTTPS-Everywhere are free Firefox add-ons that force the browser to use encryption on frequently visited webpages that aren’t yet encrypted. They don’t, however, guarantee your security on every website.

Mobile Data

Your phone uses cellular data to connect to the internet when you’re outside of the Wi-Fi range. When you’re on the move, your phone connects to the internet using mobile data. You may use your phone for voice communications, send and receive text messages, view social media sites, and more while utilizing mobile data. Wireless carriers provide mobile data. On the other hand, talking on the phone and texting are not considered to use up your mobile data.

Megabytes (MB) and gigabytes (GB) are the terms for data usage. One megabyte is equal to 1 million bytes. A gigabyte is equivalent to 1 billion bytes. Mobile data transmission occurs when you transmit or receive information over your cellphone using your mobile data, such as uploading and downloading information.

Switching to Mobile data is not a perfect solution to move on, but it can be an alternative to few situations. Mobile data is entirely different from using WIFI, it is not depending on your needs, you may need a proxy server to help conceal your identity. Some who regularly change their IP address use VPN services.


Should I Use VPN To Get UK IP Address

The acronym “VPN” is derived from the word “virtual,” which refers to the capacity to establish a secure network connection when utilizing public connections. VPNs encrypt your online activities and alter your online persona. Because of this real-time encryption, third parties are more difficult to track and steal data.

Well VPN is a specialized tool or software that provides a safety shield, defends your identity and transactions from spies, hackers, government authorities and other commercial players that uses your personal information to achieve their targets.

    • Accessibility to streaming services around the world
    • Stay safe with secured internet connection
    • Enhanced security for online transactions
    • Eradicates fear while using public WIFI
    • It clears restriction to access social media websites.
    • Keeps you anonymous.

A VPN creates a dedicated “Tunnel” through which your information is hidden and encrypted. The VPN bridges the communication between the user and the internet, thus securing your identity. Due to the aforementioned process, intercepting the transmitted information goes worthless. 

Advantages of a VPN

Safety & Security
Your online data, from your emails to your bank transactions, must pass through numerous servers all over the world while you surf the web. Information such as passwords, communications, and financial statements is transmitted between several sites and servers – who knows who’s watching? Your ISP, a government agency, and even cybercriminals are among those with access.

Your computer’s internet connection and traffic are all immediately encrypted with a premium VPN service, ensuring that you’re safe from prying eyes who want to steal your information. Cybercriminals frequently test VPN security measures, particularly when using unsecured public Wi-Fi networks, but you can usually find a dependable VPN provider that utilizes AES-256 encryption.

In the United States, ISPs are allowed to sell your personal information. Many companies desire that data, and they’re willing to pay a premium for it. Data-mining firms exist to gather as much data on your internet activities as possible so that others may spy on you.

When you use a virtual private network (VPN), your IP address becomes hidden. Your IP address is now a thing of the past, and instead of being tied to your IP address, you’ll be an anonymous user with your own private lane to browse the web at leisure. Your ISP and hackers will have no idea who you are; any activity will not be traced

Bypass Geo-Locking
Because a virtual private network (VPN) may shield your activities, it opens up a world of new possibilities. VPNs usually have servers in many locations across the world, allowing you to get around any content geo-restrictions. You’re probably familiar with Netflix’s regional library limitations; a VPN can help you get around them quickly providing access to streaming services.

A VPN allows you to access a server in a different country, making it appear as if you’re actually there. If you live in Delaware but want to watch Chinese Youku videos, simply connect to one of your VPN’s Chinese servers and you’ll be good to go. Only Paid Versions ha

Bandwidth throttling
Bandwidth restriction is a form of bandwidth limitation. ISPs may restrict your internet connection speed for any reason, including during peak hours, you’ve used up all your data, or you’re utilizing high-bandwidth applications like video streaming. Because you are now protected behind a VPN to preserve your anonymity, it eliminates the capacity to limit your information.

A virtual private network (VPN) might help you save money while also reducing the load on your IT staff. A VPN client can be quickly installed on your company’s computers, keeping you safe from malware and cyberattacks while also allowing you to connect securely. Furthermore, all assistance and maintenance will be handled by your VPN service.

Which VPN Should I Use

It is simple to choose the best VPN to get UK IP address. You may select a VPN based on your demands as long as you know what you’re looking for. Extra features, faster speeds, or improved security at a lower price are just a few examples of what you may get with these services. Check whether any special offers or discounts are available before purchasing. Always use paid version as free vpn is a gateway to put your privacy on stake.

Not all VPN providers provide the same set of features, although some do. Some VPNs offer more features than others, and some specialize in specific areas. It’s crucial to evaluate all of the different choices and select one that is appropriate for your needs when purchasing a VPN for personal or commercial use. The following are some of the most important factors to consider before acquiring a VPN service for changing IP Address to UK.

  • VPN should be speedy connectivity
  • Must use the secured mechanism and keeps the information safe
  • Provides accessibility to streaming services and blocked content
  • Encryption should be reliable and procedures should be well defined.
  • It must have friendly user interface.
  • Customer Support should be available 24/7 whole year.
  • It must be comparably affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions


Follow the steps

  1. Buy and Register, do not use free vpn
  2. Download the app.
  3. Install and connect to the service
  4. Select UK Server and there you go.

If you reside inside the UK region, the IP starts with 192.168. This is the unique address through which you connect to the internet.

Yes, it is completely legal to use a VPN up till the moment you get into something fishy.

In the past, VPNs weren’t always affordable. However, recent policy changes have made these services more convenient and cheaper than ever before. We’d recommend you use a paid service when possible to ensure your information is protected from prying eyes. Any prospective VPN should offer a no-log policy that will keep your online activities anonymous in case of violations


We have tailored this guide on “How to Get UK IP Address” with just one aim to make you aware of the ways by following which you keep your safe and secure. By remaining of the fact, we have found VPNs are the safest and convenient way for changing IP address to UK still, a little caveat is always to use the recommended VPNs.