How To Change IP Address To Watch Canadian TV – June 2022

How to Chage IP address to Watch Canadian TV

You are liable to change your IP address to watch Canadian tv online and if you possess a Canadian IP address, it is evident that you can access the geo-locked and cyber-restricted movies and entertainment content without any problem. Many of us come across situations where the imposed restrictions put a limit to our accessibility which makes us unable to watch our favorites online.

So, what is the solution to this problem??, its simple, what the platforms do is pick your IP address, identify your region and enforce technology to stop you from accessing the content.

There are multiple ways available to bypass censorship or geo locking, but the most reliable and effective way is to use paid VPN service.

With a VPN, you can acquire a Canadian IP address and use it to access geo-restricted sites, while at the same time protecting your online privacy without wasting your time on technical configuration and other stuff.

In this article we will introduce you to all the ways available, applying which you can change your IP address to watch Canadian TV online. Just stay with us and read it out till the end to gain complete knowledge.

How To Use ExpressVPN to Watch Canadian TV

Step 1  Get a monthly or yearly plan from ExpressVPN according to your need.

Step 2  Browse official website, download and install the “App

Step 3 Connect to any available “Canadian Server” and enjoy browsing.

Three Ways To Change IP To Watch Canadian TV

Using Reliable VPN

By using a VPN, users may securely and invisibly transact online. A VPN uses a special technology known as a “tunneling system” to provide safety to users while keeping third parties at bay. You may simply relocate your IP address to New Zealand or any other nation using tested VPNs.

Using a suggested VPN, on the other hand, provides you with advantages such as:

  • Your IP address will be hidden and replaced with VPNs when you’re connected to a virtual private network. As a result, whenever you appear to be from another country than where you are truly from (for example, if you appear to be in the United States), your IP address will display as coming from Canada.
  • The high layer of security is intended to deter tracking technologies from locating you. The robust system of security hides your service provider and your physical identity as well.
  • The Modified Firewall Expert module saves and hides you from intruders, snooping hardware, monitoring applications & remote attacks.
  • Bypassing internet restrictions is easy with this approach. It enables you to access blocked sites and circumnavigate Internet censorship. It also bypasses firewalls via which users are protected.

We have listed down a few tested services here, have a look under the next heading.

Our Picked VPN Services

Considering the factors mentioned before, our team has tested many VPNs among which we recommend:

  • Express VPNOperating with  5000+ servers in around 94 Countries 
  • Nord VPN –  Have more than 5000 vpn servers in 62 different countries  
  • SurfShark VPNCompany has more than 6200 Servers in more than 60 Countries  
  • IPVanish VPNThey have activated 75+ locations with 1600 servers  in 50 countries 
  • CyberGhost VPN  – More than 6000+ servers in 90 countries


express vpn



  1. You can expect it to operate flawlessly on Windows.
  2. Accessibility to social media websites
  3. A strict policy on data logging
  4. Exceptional app with great options


  1. No optimum performance with MAC OS
  2. Phone complaint system is not available
  3. No support for Internet Explorer
  4. Only 5 concurrent connections per subscription

The finest VPN for changing IP address to Canada to watch Canadian TV. In 2009, the firm was founded and has since they have a bold server network extended to more than 90 countries in the world, with over 3000 locations and 160+ servers. Canada is home to four of the firm’s servers, which provide a great service.

express server details

ExpressVPN utilizes a well-known and trusted server system. They don’t log records of user’s transactions, and it has introduced innovative methods to illustrate how their policy on data logging techniques can be. To address problems immediately, ExpressVPN created intensive setup manuals and a high-quality FAQ.

ExpressVPN includes a “Kill Switch” that stops data to go out to others’ reach. For technical users, ExpressVPN delivers quick performance. We’ve witnessed a significant boost in performance over the last several years.

Starting a couple of years back, ExpressVPN has started allowing Bitcoin as a payment method for its customers.

  • Flexible working on Mac OS, Android and across all OS.
  • Has more than 160 servers locations
  • Owns 3000 Servers
  • Business in 03 Canadian cities is Toronto,Vancouver & Montreal 
  • Consumer contract for One month , Six months or One year
  • Split Tunneling  available
  • Netflix available 
  • Torrenting available 
  • IP Addresses Static and Dynamic both available
  • More than 30000 IPs , combination of dynamic and static IPs are functional
  • Business presence more than 90 countries


Nord VPN



  • Exceptional App with numerous options
  • Accessibility to streaming websites
  • Firm data logging policy


  • Using Fixed IP addresses
  • In-capable customer service
  • Kill switch doesn’t support iOS

NordVPN is a well-known VPN provider. It has large simultaneous connectivity for users, while the competitors provide just 5 connections, NordVPN provides 06 on its servers. With over 5300 servers in operation on 80 server locations, the service is accessible in 62 nations. It has concentrated nearly four hundred and eighty servers–particularly Canada–in the cities of  Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. When a user logs into the service, the quickest servers are always online.

nord server details

NordVPN includes a feature called a kill switch that will launch the VPN as TOR automatically if your connection drops. When we tested out NordVPN’s free trial, speeds were about half of what they were before. Found no faults found, and despite slow VPN performance, they maintained a high level of security.

NordVPN offers 3 types of different subscriptions: a 01 year plan for $4.92 per month, a 2 year plan for $3.75 per month, and a30 days for $11.99 each month. Customers who wish to cancel their membership during the first 30 days will receive a full refund.

  • Optimum working with all platforms
  • Installed severs on 80 locations
  • The company has 5300 Servers.
  • Operating in Vancouver, Montreal & Toronto, 
  • SLA contract available for terms  One month, One year, or Two years
  • Split Tunneling  Yes
  • Netflix  Yes
  • Torrenting  Yes
  •  More than 5000 IPs (IPV4 & IPV6) are working.
  • Business presence in 62 countries

SurfShark VPN

surf shark



  • Unlimited Connections
  • Affordable packages
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days


  • Incapable customer services
  • Kill Switch is manual
  • Fixed IP addresses

Surfshark has had a modest following, yet it’s giving other opponents a hard time thanks to the features it has added to the market, such as unrestricted device support, which improves their service for an entire office or house. There are no hiccups with this. It also gives you anti-tracking and anti-malware.

Within a year, the firm added 2,000 new servers in 65 locations. There are 60 European and 90 Canadian servers among the total number of servers. During speed tests, the typical loss was 17%. They outperform their rivals when it comes to dependability in terms of speed.

surf shark server details

Surfsharks has ranked among its competitors while receiving favorable recommendations from German cybersecurity firm Cure 53 due to the extension compatibility for popular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

With over 15 years of expertise hey are provide best services to their clients. They also have excellent app compatibility for Windows, iOS, Mac OS, Fire TV, Routers. DNS supports game console configuration as well.

Surfshark has three distinct modes for breaking encryption: Camouflage Mode disguises activity; Multihop Mode passes data through multiple countries, hiding your location; and NoBorders Mode allows you to use Surfshark in areas with restricted internet access.

  • Optimum working on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux
  • They have a presence on 80 server locations
  • The company owns 3000 Servers
  • Business presence in the Canadian region with 3 different server locations.
  • Contract term is available for 1 month, 1 year, 2 years
  • Split Tunneling Yes
  • Netflix Yes
  • Torrenting Yes
  • IP Addresses Dynamic or static

Proxy Server

The client’s request is transmitted to an intermediate server, which then collects the data needed by the User and returns a prepared response.

  • It’s the proxy server’s responsibility to add any extra data with the client request before forwarding it to the webserver.
  • A proxy server may alter the client’s IP address in order to make it appear as though it is coming from a different place.
  • It may mangle data in order to muddy the waters for various gadgets.
  • IP blocking might be used to prevent tracking.


  1. The anonymity of an IP address is maintained.
  2. Paid and free versions are accessible.
  3. Credible and quick connectivity.


  1. No extra security
  2. Chances of data breaching.
  3. Configuration is not easy

The Onion Router – TOR

The Tor network encrypts and distributes your information to three layers of computers, making it impossible to track down using any strategy or source. The US Navy initially designed TOR as a secret network of servers that guaranteed anonymity.

The data is encrypted and converted through the Tor network before being displayed on multiple relays. The TOR Community, which maintains and develops internet privacy technologies, is a group of individuals committed to advancing and developing these tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is an easy way, just follow the steps

  1. Get a subscription with a paid VPN service (ExpressVPN, NordVPN or SurfShark)
  2. Browse VPN’s official website, download and install their “App”.
  3. Login with given credentials and search for Canadian server.
  4. Connect to the server and Enjoy watching Canadian TV.

The article describes credible ways to change the IP address to Canada, we suggest you kindly go through the whole article first. We have recommended a few VPN services which is the best solution to this issue.


Indeed, VPNs are 100% lawful in Canada. There are no laws except VPN use in any Canadian region. It ought to abandon saying that what you do while associated with the VPN is as yet your obligation. We don’t empower or excuse illicit or hurtful conduct.



There are hundreds of articles available online which suggest you the methods to change the IP address to watch Canadian TV when you are outside Canada but what we have recommended in this article are the legitimate and already tested ways.

We recommend you always use a recommended VPN service to change your IP address, rather you can also use “Proxy Server“, although it’s legitimate its configuration is not so easy. So the best way is to use a VPN that is easy to use and has the quality and credible services available.