How To Change IP Address To Watch UK TV From Abroad – 2022

Just sack off your fears, cheer up and snog a kiss to our team as we have listed down a few practical ways of Modifying IP address to watch streaming UK TV abroad

How To Change IP Address to Watch UK TV

For any reason while availing holidays abroad or to attend business meetings whenever mates are stepping out the jurisdictions of United Kingdom, they become knackered, feels narky of missing out their favorite programs which may receive on UK TV, trying to watch Eurosport player, on demand content or favorite shows for instance Killing Eve, Bridgerton or Vanity Fair.

Come on chuffed up guys!! we have trolleyed a few legitimate ways using which you can erase the night mare of missing your favorites online.

While traveling around it’s a fluke for you to watch UK TV abroad, because of imposed geo-blocks on UK streaming services like netflix in the other parts of the world as it’s a UK governmental policy.

Feeling Ledge, as we have brought up here cracking solutions to bypass restricted content. All the ideas are included inside, we need you just to deep dive into the articles till the end and get multiple solutions to bypass the censorship and geo-blocking by altering your real IP address.

 Why Do You Need UK IP ??

Broadcasting companies use “Geo-blocking” technique to geo blocked content depending on the physical IP location. Content on the british tv Channel 4, watch BBC iPlayer, Sky Go & ITV Hub, is licensed & copyrighted due to which it is restricted breaching which is a legal crime.

Geoblocking technique is technically prejudice, it verifies your IP address if it belongs to UK it gives you access over the content otherwise it blocks the IP address either you are from UK or abroad doesn’t make any difference you must alter IP address accordingly.

The ways we have described in the article help you overcome these restrictions by encrypting information that appears to be coming from the UK server. When you connect, you will take on the IP address of a proxy server network altering the IP address pretending to belocated in Britain. When your modified IP address is checked by the technical system of the broadcasting company it finds that you belong to the UK region and you get access without any hustle.

Given the aforementioned points, we recommend a paid VPN service that is a top choice, makes you able to access & gives opportunity to bypass geo-restrictions when needed. furthermore a list of suggested VPNs is being shared with other few ways also to bypass the restrictions.

Steps to Get a UK IP Using ExpressVPN

Step 1 Purchase an ExpressVPN subscription, log in with the credentials.

Step 2 Visit the website of ExpressVPN, download the user friendly app and install it.

Step 3 Fast and ReliableUK Servers” are 24 7 live, connect any of them as feasible & enjoy the great security!!

Ways To ConfigureIP Address For Watching UK TV Abroad

Geo Blocking is an odd issue that is increasing the complexities for entertainment seekers, as explained before, we are going to discuss 5 most effective ways of changing IP address to watch UK TV abroad bypassing the restrictions completely. Here are they:

1 . Using Paid VPN Service


VPN stands for virtual private network – VPN makes secure by hiding your real location & encrypted connection when using public networks.It is able to unblock the imposed restrictions on an online activity. It complicates the effort of third parties to track your activities online and steal data. The encryption takes place in real-time.


  1. Bold Security options with firm leak protection.
  2. Credible and fast speed.
  3. Streaming accessibility with altered IP address to UK.


  1. Only paid versions available.
  2. Risk of activity logging.
  3. No repute for free VPN service

How does a VPN work?

how vpn works

A VPN is a great option to obscuresIP address. Websites can’t trace you when you are using a VPN because the network directs it with the help of a specially designed VPN server. With a VPN, the VPN server is your data’s source.

This includes your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and other third parties which means they can’t see what websites you visit, or even the data that is being exchanged in an online session. A VPN turns your information to garbage for others by encrypting in on one end, it decrypts it when data lands on other end become useful again for user. It provides you best forward secrecy.

Choose a VPN from the list of  Top VPNs, all are renowned and popular services, we have compiled from different  VPN guides,  following are the most reliable services . The Product’s ranking was allocated by compiling up numerous factors like fast speeds, reliable service , risk free surfing, fast servers, unlimited connections, perfect forward secrecy, no logs policy, unlimited data, strong security features, built in kill switch, live chat feature, reliable access, connection to multiple devices, flexibility with mobile device, optimum working with smart TVs , server locations and DNS leak protection etc etc

We have tested many VPNs available among which we have selected a few which we found brilliant in providing compatible services to clients. They are not just good for UK but they can modify IP address to Australia, NewZealand or Canada in just a few moments. We have tested the paid version don’t support free VPN.

  • Express VPN  competing with 3,000+servers and 160 VPN server locations in 94 countries. 
  • Nord VPN –   Business in 62 Countries having 5200 Servers on 80 Server locations.
  • SurfShark VPN –  Operations in 65 Countries with 3200+ Servers. 
  • IPVanish VPN – Working in 50 + countries , have 1,600+ servers on 75+ locations.
  • CyberGhost VPN  – Presence in 91 Countries and owns 7000 Servers. 
  • Tunnelbear – Competing with 3200+ servers on 41 locations all around.
  • Hotspot Shield – Serving with 3200 + servers on 80 countries
  • Norton Secure VPN – Have 500+ servers with operations in various locations.
  • Encrypt me –  Competing with 500 servers in 48 countries.
  • FastestVPN– Working with 500+ servers in 35 countries

Best VPNs For Modifying IP Address to Watch UK TV


ExpressVPN – Choose a VPN that offers “Most Affordable Price”.

express vpn



  1. Flawless working on Windows platform, Usually all Operating Systems support VPNs
  2. Access to British tv Channel 4, BBC iPlayer, Sky Go & ITV Hub.
  3. Strict information logging policies.
  4. Bold leak protection.
  5. Their app has unlimited options to change IP address to UK.


  1. Doesn’t work good with Mac OS
  2. No instant telephone complaint service.
  3. Non supportive for Internet Explorer.
  4. Only few simultaneous connections.

The best way to get an IP address in the UK is to use ExpressVPN. It was founded in 2009, has 94 country servers and 3 server locations in the UK alone. For $6.67 per month and a one-month free trial, you can try out their service.

express servers

ExpressVPN  uses Trusted Server Technology to set up VPN connections that will protect your personal data. The ExpressVPN website has an extensive FAQ section the will resolve any issues you may be having with the network.

Whereas other providers offer no security against losing connection to the internet, ExpressVPN has zero tolerance over “logs policy”.  ExpressVPN has a worth mentioning  feature of kill switch that immediately cuts off access if the VPN is interrupted.

Additionally, it provides you ad blocker and firm antivirus system, its speeds have been improving over time and are now consistent and fast enough for many users who need speed while browsing. Such standards have make it a VPN of great reputation that may not be compare with other services that configures IP address to UK.

ExpressVPN’s bitcoin payments are made in support of their mission to provide customers with ease. They offer a months’ free service. ExpressVPN comes with the following features.

  • Flawless with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux
  • Intensive network of 160 server locations
  • Have 3000 Servers
  • Operating in UK cities namely Wembley, Docklands, London & East London.
  • Available contract length is 1 month, 6 months, 1 year
  • Split Tunneling Yes
  • Netflix & ITV Hub & Other UK Streaming Services Yes
  • Torrenting Yes
  •  Dynamic & Static IP addresses
  • Serving in 94 countries

NordVPN – # 2 On Our List. Credible VPN Service.

Nord VPN



  • Unlimited options in application.
  • Provides access UK Social Media using changed IP address to UK.
  • Stringent Logging Policy


  • Static IPs in-place.
  • Inconsistent Customer Support.
  • Manual operation for Kill Switch option.

NordVPN is well-known for offering strong security, It provides six simultaneous connections with its servers, while competitors offer only five. It operates in 62 countries with more than 5200 servers on more than 80 server locations. When a user connects to this service to configure IP address to UK, it automatically links up the user to the fastest and available server at that location, which is connected to from various cities around the world.

nord vpn servers in europe

NordVPN provides a private IP option, which is difficult to trace. They also offer kill switches, turning VPN services into TOR networks with one click, this option brings immediate change to alter IP address to UK..

In one test of dropped connections speed, NordVPN reduced speeds by 53% but continued to perform as expected. There were no interruptions and it met expectations on every occasion where they underperformed. A two-year NordVPN plan costs $3.75/month or a total of $90

  • Optimal with Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android devices
  • Serving with 5200 servers
  • Have 80 Server Locations in operations
  • Presence in UK cities : Docklands, East London, London, Wembley.
  • SLA contract term 1 month, 1 year, 2 years
  • Access BBC iplayer
  • Split Tunneling Yes
  • Netflix & ITV Hub Yes
  • Torrenting Yes
  • More than 5000+ IPs working to change IP address to UK.
  • Serving in 62 Countries

SurfShark VPN: # 3 on list. Effective with Affordable Price. 

surf shark



  • Unlimited connectivity to many devices at same time.
  • Cheap monthly packages.
  • Trial period for 30 days.
  • Operates from Virgin Islands.


  • Incompetent customer services
  • Kill switch works manually.
  • Static or Fixed IPs
  • Speed is slow.

Surfshark, a small VPN company with competitive features to switch IP address to UK, like unlimited device support , DNS leak protection and ad blocking, is giving bigger companies with their more established products a challenging time.

The company operates 3,200 servers in 65 locations out of the total 60+ placed for the European market. Surfshark has 6 servers in the UK with three in London and two in Manchester.

The loss during a general speed test averages 17% this is more reliable than many competitors with similar offerings who see a higher percentage of slowed speed occurrences.

surf shark servers

The Surfsharks extension is ranked among its competition and has been recognized by the German Cyber Security Firm Cure 53.

They provide excellent applications compatible with private internet access, Windows PCs, Routers, Mac OS X, Xbox One , Sony PlayStation consoles and TV streaming. Game console configuration is also offered. Commendable flexibility with different browser and almost with all platforms.

Surfshark provides a variety of tools to make encryption stronger and more effective. This includes the Camouflage Mode, which obscures your activity, Multi-hop Mode, which bounces data from one country to another to help you hide your identity in that country.

  • Excellent working with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux
  • Serving 80 server locations
  • Robust network of 3000 Servers.
  • Operating in UK cities: Docklands, East London, London, Wembley.
  • SLA Term 1 month, 1 year, 2 years
  • Split Tunneling Yes
  • Netflix & ITV Hub Yes
  • Torrenting Yes
  • IP Addresses Dynamic or static

2. TOR Browser


Tor is an online program which allows you to provide anonymity. It works in the background, making your internet connection appear like it’s coming from different locations. By concealing your activities and location on the Internet from anyone using Tor, you can avoid surveillance.

Tor can help keep your Internet activities private by preventing networks from tracing your activity back to you. Its intended use is to protect your personal privacy and make it difficult for people to know what you’re doing online or see who’s talking to you, so while some folks might consider using Tor off-label for network surveillance or traffic monitoring.


  1. Use a Free & Open Source
  2. Keeps user hidden online
  3. Friendly GUI


  1. Lacks speed.
  2. Social Sites blocks it.
  3. Its use is illegal.

How TOR Works ?

Tor encrypts your identity by routing all of your internet activities through the Tor network. The Tor network is a three-layered proxy with onion like layers.

Tor Browser, by bouncing data across a random middle relay that connects to one of the publicly available entry nodes, prevents your online behavior from being tracked. The usage of Tor is opposed by most internet service providers and social media platforms.

Because you’re in the United States, it’s only natural that a search engine service should connect you to someone who speaks a language other than English. Because these providers evaluate and determine your IP address based on your region and language, you’ll frequently appear to be in a different continent by configuring your IP address on ad-hoc basis.

You may use bridges with Tor Browser if you live in a country where Tor is illegal or need to visit a website that disallows it. IP addresses on bridges are not visible to the general public, making them more difficult to blacklist.

Tor may handle a wide range of traffic, but it’s geared primarily toward web surfing. Because Tor does not support UDP, don’t try to torrent free software ISOs; they will not operate.

When do you need TOR?

      • Gathering intelligence on your competitor.
      • Investigations on legal matter.
      • To conduct covert activities.

3 . Using Proxy Server

proxy server

Like VPNs, Proxy Servers are also a good way to change IP address. A proxy server operates as a go-between for your computer and the websites you visit. When a user connects via a proxy server, their request is directed to that proxy instead of its ultimate destination (e.g., the website). The proxy then gathers information required by the user and transmits back with collected response.

  • It is up to the proxy server to add any additional information it deems necessary before forwarding a request to the website’s web server.
  • A proxy server can shield a person’s IP address by changing it at any time.
  • Encryption creates a code that encrypts the information so it can’t be deciphered by other devices.
  • A proxy server can be used to block IP by tracing location.
How It Works?

Every connected device on the internet has its own Internet Protocol (IP) address, as we all know. In the same manner, as an IP number is used to identify a computer on the internet, a street address may be used to identify a computer on the web.

The internet, like the mail system, knows how to deliver the proper data to the appropriate computer by its IP address.

A proxy server is a computer with its own IP address that your computer knows and uses to access the internet. When you submit a web request, it will go through the proxy server first.

The proxy server then functions as an intermediary, collecting the response from the webserver and relaying the page data so you can view it.

When a proxy server forwards your requests, it might modify the data you send and still deliver the information you desire. A proxy server can alter your IP address, making it difficult for the webserver to determine your location.

In addition, a proxy server can encrypt your data and make it unreadable while it is in transit. Furthermore, a proxy server may restrict access to certain websites based on IP address.


      1. Hidden IP address.
      2. Available free and paid both.
      3. Credible connectivity and speed.


      1. No Extra Security Features
      2. Data Spying risk.
      3. To setup you need to be professional.

4 . Public Wi-Fi

public wifi

Wireless internet hotspots can be found in many public locations, such as restaurants, airports, malls, coffee shops. While free WIFI is often touted for its ubiquity and appeal of access in public areas, many fail to consider the potential pitfalls of logging into personal accounts on a public network.

      1. Personal information can be compromised
      2. A browser session can be hijacked
      3. Connectivity is unencrypted.
      4. Chance of business transactions to be cracked.
      5. Hackers can launch sniffing attack easily
      6. Malware injections can be a pain.

5 . Using Mobile Data


If you have a wireless device, such as a smartphone or laptop computer, you can connect to the Internet anywhere. If you don’t have Wi-Fi access and it’s not possible to tether your mobile data connection, changing your IP address may be an option.

When you have to swap between networks for work, like when working in different offices or traveling overseas, one alternative is to switch from Wi-Fi to mobile data. Mobile data might not be a perfect solution for everyone, but it can sometimes be an option if you’re without connectivity or need the extra protection it provides.

Frequently Asked Questions

One way to watch UK smart TV Play outside of the UK is through a VPN, which allows you to pretend that you are in the UK.

Britbox is a service that allows you to watch British TV shows in the US, Canada, or the UK. Though it’s only available in these locations, if you use a VPN to change your IP address while using this service, Britbox will think you are outside of its limited coverage area.

Now TV is available only for residents of the United Kingdom, but it can be accessed elsewhere with a virtual private network.

If you want to stream major matches with EPL, there are plenty of places that will allow you to do so. In the UK those include BT Sport, Amazon Prime & Sky Sports. However, if you are out of UK (and using your regular EPL streaming services that changes IP address to UK), there is a way for you to use VPNs.

International travelers  watching UK TV channels can choose ExpressVPN for their VPN as it connects immediately modifying the IP address. This service offers 4 servers in the United Kingdom, so connections are fast and uninterrupted.

Watch British TV overseas with a VPN app on your television or streaming device and connecting to the internet using a VPN. VPNs are special software which changes IP address according to the region.



To access UK TV, you have to change your IP address. One option is to get an ExpressVPN 3-month free subscription on its 12-month plan; this VPN offers extended security options and a subscription for 3 months  for users who purchase the 12-month plan. We suggest you no to use free free VPN.

Other options to configure IP address to UK, may include using Proxy Server, but in comparison to VPN we do not recommend this service.