How To Get A Hong Kong IP Address With A VPN

Do you want to watch your favorite TV shows while traveling and keep your data private? We’ll show you how to get a Hong Kong IP address through a VPN so you can enjoy your favorites and keep your information private.

You may connect to servers all across the world with Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). Large streaming platforms perform IP address checks on their users before allowing them to view anything.

If you have a server in Hong Kong and can get a Hong Kong IP address, it become easy to trick these services into allowing you to access your favorite content from anywhere on Earth.

Many individuals are under the misconception that their online activities are secure. Hackers are always a danger, but you’re far more likely to get caught by your organization, government, ISP, or employer if you use Tor.

However, since your data is encrypted while you’re connected to a VPN, no third parties can access it. In a nutshell, when you use a virtual private network (VPN), you become nearly entirely anonymous on the internet.

How To Get A Hong Kong IP Address

Even if you’ve never used a VPN before, it’s simple to overcome geographical barriers and gain access to anything you want on the internet: VPN is considered to be the safest way to get a Hong Kong IP address

1. Choose a trustworthy VPN service. We recommend ExpressVPN as a safe and secure app.


2. To ensure that the program is compatible with your computer’s operating system, double-check the package and verify that it was installed correctly.


3. To connect to a Hong Kong domain location server, you’ll need to use a VPN in Hong Kong. Is it feasible to discover a geo-blocked Hong Kong website? If you still can’t access the page, clear your browser’s cache and cookies before reloading it.

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Which VPN Should I Use To Get A Hong Kong IP Address?

The greatest VPNs are available to get a Hong Kong IP address. You can get a French or German IP address from these providers, as well as Israel, Greece, South Korea, Chile, or Luxembourg.

  1. The best way to get a Hong Kong IP address is with ExpressVPN. In Hong Kong, ExpressVPN offers quick servers. They are operating with 3000 servers over the globe.
  2. NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN services on the market, with 5200 fast servers that allow you to unblock geo-blocks in 80+ countries. Apps that are both safe and secure. If you don’t like it after the first month, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  3. CyberGhost is a fantastic alternative with 1300 servers over the world. The usage of applications and downloads is simple, making it an ideal choice for newcomers.
  4. PrivateVPN: The newest supplier here with 200+ servers on 63 locations, still developing its network, but speeds are quick and ideal for unblocking streaming services.

A Quick Look At The Best Available VPN Services


1 – ExpressVPN



  • A wide range of operating systems using this software. Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android are a few of them.
  • There are more than 3,000 workstations spanning the globe in a network that is well-connected.
  • As many as 52 weeks of service.
  • There is split-tunneling to get around.
  • Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are accessible
  • You can download unlimited movies and TV shows.
  • Each IP address can have up to 5 network connection.
  • In 94 countries, we work.

ExpressVPN is a great tool to get a Hong Kong IP address. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, unrestricted bandwidth, and servers in Hong Kong, it’s safe to say that ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs on the market. It can stream HD or even 4K content without interruption and has no perceptible buffering when streaming online media. It’s also capable of bypassing regional restrictions.

All of your data is encrypted by default with 256-bit AES encryption, but ExpressVPN offers a desktop version with a kill switch and perfect forward secrecy, as well as DNS and IPv6 leak protection.

ExpressVPN does not collect any information that might identify you, but you may register anonymously using Bitcoin if that is your preference. You can get assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week by visiting the live chat area.

There are a few options for purchasing a VPN. ExpressVPN offers apps for Windows, Android, Linux, MacOS, and iOS as well as custom router firmware that makes installation easier.


  1. This utility is ideal for getting around geo-restrictions.
  2. Instant customer service
  3. The ability of the toilet to unblock effectively is excellent.
  4. Quick connectivity
  5. Extremely secure
  6. Availability round the clock


  1. Cheaper than most competitors

2 – NordVPN



  • Compatibility with the following operating systems: MAC, Linux, Android, Windows, and iOS.
  • There are over 70+ servers in Hong Kong
  • NordVPN recommended streaming servers is “”
  • Over 5200 servers are located throughout the world.
  • Access to online streaming services.
  • SLAs are available in Hong Kong for periods of 30 days, 60 days, and one year.
  • It’s simple to discover one of the 55,00+ IP addresses accepted by torrent sites.
  • Over sixty-two regions in which the service is available

The robust network of NordVPN makes its a unique service to get a Hong Kong IP address. NordVPN provides access to over 5,000 servers in 59 countries, including 70+ in Hong Kong. This service is incredibly quick, allows for P2P activity, and has no bandwidth restrictions. Users may also use obfuscated servers if they wish to visit the Chinese mainland.

NordVPN lets you have six connections at once and can even unblock sites that are difficult to access from other countries, making it ideal for watching when traveling.

nord hong kong

For a low-cost VPN, NordVPN provides a wide range of security features. Malware scanning, DNS, IPv6, WebRTC, a customizable kill switch, 256-bit encryption, an ad blocker, and port forwarding leak protection are all offered.

There are plenty of options for multi-hop VPN and Tor over VPN. NordVPN does not keep any records, so you can sign up anonymously with Bitcoin. Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via live chat.

There are Android, Linux, iOS, Windows, and macOS versions of NordVPN. Manual installation is available on select wireless routers.


  1. There is a significant premium on security.
  2. A huge server network is maintained.
  3. Quick connectivity
  4. Extreme unblocking
  5. Chat assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  1. It might take a few minutes to connect to certain servers.
  2. Static IP addresses

3- CyberGhost VPN


  • Using Microsoft Windows and Linux is the best way to go.
  • There are 7700 servers around the world.
  • 60+ servers in Hong Kong.
  • Services like Netflix and Amazon Prime are easy to find.
  • Encryption technology and high-tech security measures are very important.
  • 89 or more countries have been served by this company so far.

Its takes no time for CyberGhost to get a Hong Kong IP address for its users. CyberGhost is a truly user-friendly VPN with over 7700 servers out of which 60 are placed in Hong Kong. With each of CyberGhost’s fast servers displaying its current load and many displaying the streaming service they can unblock, getting started is as simple as pie.

CyberGhost allows you to protect all of your equipment with just one account. You can connect up to seven devices at the same time with CyberGhost.

With just a few clicks, CyberGhost hides your IP address and encrypts all of the data that you send through their servers. It has automated malware scanning, a kill switch that can’t be disabled, 256-bit encryption, protection against DNS and IPv6 leaks, and ad blocking

CyberGhost keeps no personally identifiable information, but you may create an account with Bitcoin and a fake email address. You can get in touch with support 24 hours a day, seven days a week through live chat if you run into any problems.

CyberGhost provides apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. It may be manually configured to function on Linux systems and compatible network routers.


  1. Easy for novices to use
  2. Connections that are quick, dependable
  3. Active kill switch option is available
  4. Security is comprehensive.


  1. There are no extra features to manage.

4- PrivateVPN

private vpn


  • Optimized performance for Windows, Android, Mac OS X, and Linux
  • They have over 200 servers situated across the world
  • 60 server locations available for use.
  • Recommended streaming servers are “” & “”.
  • Advanced encryption
  • Through the use of cutting-edge technology, ensures the security of online transactions.
  • Streaming is a brilliant.
  • There is no delay in connectivity
  • Reliable transmission
  • Discounted package deals.

Private VPN is another reliable service to get a Hong Kong IP address. While most VPNs slow down your internet connection, this one doesn’t. While it has fewer servers based in Hong Kong, it makes up for it by providing quick connections. It’s also excellent at unblocking geo-restricted media from other countries.

By using 256-bit encryption, PrivateVPN is one of the most secure VPNs on the market. It also includes WebRTC, DNS, and IPV6leak protection, as well as strict no-logs policies. If you want to be more anonymous, you may pay with Bitcoin for even greater privacy.

PrivateVPN offers 24/7 live chat support, which is accessible through its website or through the customer care software. The software may be remotely installed and configured with your permission, which is great news for those of us who aren’t computer experts. PrivateVPN provides apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices. It works on Linux as well.


  1. Faster connections
  2. No-Logging policy
  3. Extreme unblocking


  1. The network is limited.
  2. There is no live chat assistance.

What Is The Purpose To Get A Hong Kong IP Address?

You could get a Hong Kong IP Address for the following reasons.

  • The act of accessing your bank’s website from multiple geographical locations.
  • It’s critical that geo-restricted services like Netflix and Hulu remain accessible.
  • If no one outside the area has access to any private or secret information.

What Are The Most Important Factors To Consider When Selecting A VPN?

It’s tough to decide which VPN is the best option for you. After all, there are numerous options to select from, and they’re always adding new ones.

To get a Hong Kong IP address, we searched for companies that satisfied the following criteria:

  1. In Hong Kong, there should be a robust network of high-quality servers.
  2. Quick connectivity is required
  3. Extreme encryption to save the data is required.
  4. Must have compatibility with all the renowned Operating systems.
  5. There should be strong no logs policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Free VPNs want you to believe that their services are comparable to those offered by paid providers, but this isn’t always true. Because they have fewer servers but larger user bases, there’s a lot of pressure on their networks all the time.

VPNs can also cause connection problems in various ways. The most common and well-known way is through the use of shared IP addresses.

How do free VPNs manage to run an international server network while still providing a service for free? How do free VPNs manage to establish and maintain an overseas server network when it’s so expensive? They’ll almost certainly use tracking cookies to collect important user information, such as which pages you visit.

VPNs are marketed as a means to keep your privacy, but they actively jeopardize it by monitoring and selling information about your activities to the highest bidders.

Finally, there’s no assurance that the service you pick will be secure. According to recent research, over 39% of 302 free VPN apps tested contained malware, 20% never used any form of encryption, and 77% were susceptible to DNS leaks.

We’ve even seen well-known services employ unscrupulous business tactics, such as when Hola was discovered selling its users’ bandwidth to help establish a botnet in 2016.

To keep yourself safe, we strongly advise you to use a VPN that has a proven track record of safeguarding its users’ privacy.


After you’ve linked to a server in Hong Kong, you can utilize services like MyTV, ViuTV, or Netflix from anywhere in the world since popular movies and TV shows will be available.

It’s worth noting that some platforms restrict access in various ways. If you’re instructed to pay with a Hong Kong-only credit card or need to document your residency, it’s difficult for someone who lives outside of the region. However, if you’re a Hongkonger currently living away from home, you’ll be able to sign up using a common payment method.


Many services now, including PayPal and most online banking platforms, automatically send notifications when your account is accessed from another region. Some even restrict access until you’ve confirmed your identity.

Only the VPN’s servers in your home country will be able to identify you as being abroad, giving you access to all of the things that matter. If, for example, you get stranded abroad with no way of contacting your bank account, this may cause problems.

When you’re on vacation, you’ll usually be using public Wi-Fi networks. Of course, these present their own set of challenges: they may restrict access to certain websites and there’s no way to know who is monitoring your activities. Not only is your traffic indecipherable while you use a VPN, but you may also freely access whatever content you want because of the ability to bypass any filtering.


In contrast to China, the internet in Hong Kong is largely unrestricted. Only websites that provide authorized content are banned. This is a typical practice throughout much of Europe but is practically unheard-of in Asia.

According to the Interception of Communications and Surveillance Ordinance 2006, law enforcement must first obtain permission from a panel before eavesdropping on a user’s traffic. According to statistics released by the Home Affairs Department in 2017, 1,314 applications were granted and just one was denied, resulting in 170 arrests.

According to the Interception of Communications and Surveillance Ordinance 2006, law enforcement must first obtain permission from a panel before interception of a user’s traffic is permissible. However, in 2017, 1,314 applications were granted and only one was refused, resulting in 170 arrests.



This article goes through all of the legal methods to get a Hong Kong IP address. We usually use a VPN (only premium and recommended service, not the free version) because they are easy to use and provide the best results when compared to other techniques.

Another alternative is to use a proxy server or TOR, but if you have adequate technical skills, we recommend you utilize them.