How To Get An Austrian IP Address From Anywhere in 2022

Want an Austrian IP address? Look no further. It is most straightforward to do so using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) . If you’ve ever wondered what a virtual private network  is and how to use one, this guide is for you. Using a VPN, you may even watch Austrian TV (Puls 4, ORF1, or ATV) and bypass regional internet censorship restrictions when you’re not in Austria.

Hackers aren’t the only ones that watch the internet. In reality, your employer, Internet Service Provider (ISP), and even the government may be able to monitor exactly what you’re doing on the Internet. To protect your privacy, virtual private network lets you to get an Austrian IP address, beside this it encrypts your data, making it impossible for anybody but you to read it or access it.

“This stuff is unavailable in your country” may have shown when you tried to utilise a service . This error is usually caused by a site checking your IP address and determining that you’re not in a supported country. You can access previously unavailable services by connecting to a virtual private network, which assigns you a new IP address based on your location.

How To Get An Austrian IP Address

If you’ve never used a virtual private network (VPN) before, here’s how to bypass geographic restrictions and enjoy unlimited access to the internet:

1.  Select a reliable virtual private network (VPN) service. ExpressVPN is a great choice.


2. Check that the application you’ve purchased and installed is compatible with the operating                            system you’re using.

3. Connect to a service’s Austrian domain location server before you can begin. Are there any workarounds for being unable to access an Austrian website because of your location? Clear your browser’s cache and cookies before refreshing the page if you’re still having trouble.

The Best Austrian IP Address VPNs

In addition to Austria, the best suggested VPNs can easily provide you with an IP address from the US, Australia, Germany , Newzealand, or from any other countries.

  • If you want to get an Austrian IP address, ExpressVPN is the best option. In Austria, ExpressVPN has fast servers.
  • If you want to avoid geoblocks, NordVPN is a popular solution with a huge number of fast servers. Protective and dependable applications. You may get a full refund if you’re not satisfied with it.
  • An inexpensive option is Surfshark. Strong unblocking abilities with fast Austrian servers and a trustworthy privacy-focused VPN
  • There are 59 servers in 59 countries for IPVanish, which is a trustworthy VPN. You can use it with Android-based streaming devices such as Kodi, but not all of them are worth the price of admission. Ten devices can be linked to a single account.
  • We really recommend PrivateVPN. Apps are easy to download and use, making them an excellent choice for newcomers.

Detailed Overview of Best Available VPN Services


1 – ExpressVPN


More than 2,000 servers in 94 locations across the world are available with ExpressVPN, including in Austria. You can stream high-definition video without any issues because of its speedy and stable connections. You may access platforms like ATV and ORF1 from anywhere in the world, courtesy to ExpressVPN’s ability to overcome geographical restrictions.

Protects against DNS and IPv6 leaks utilizing 256-bit encryption, a kill switch in desktop programs, and a virtual private network. Even though ExpressVPN doesn’t keep logs of any personal information, confidentiality users can choose to pay using Cryptocurrency for increased security. A live chat option is accessible at all times for customer service inquiries.

ExpressVPN is compatible with, macOS, Android, Linux, iOS, and Windows. Makes installation as easy as possible using its proprietary firmware. It also works flexibly with a range of routers.


  1. It has fast streaming rates that can unblock ProSieben, ATV, and ORF1.
  2. Powerful security and privacy options
  3. Live chat is available 24 hours a day, 7 days


  1. Limit of three concurrent connections.

2 – Nord VPN


More than 5,000 servers in 62 countries make NordVPN the broadest network of any significant VPN service including 37 in Austria. Streaming services like Netflix US may be unblocked using this service’s fast speeds and ability to unblock geo-blocked services like Go TV, ATV, and ORF1. As many as six gadgets may be linked to NordVPN simultaneously, allowing you to watch while at home or on the move.

Using this VPN assures that your online privacy is protected. Security against DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC breaches, a kill switch that can be configured except for Android, and 256-bit AES encryption are all part of the package’s security features.

In addition, there are ad-blocking, virus screening, and multi-hop functions. NordVPN has a no-logs policy, although it allows Bitcoin as an additional layer of anonymity if necessary. Live chat is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

NordVPN has applications for iOS, Linux, Android,macOS, and Windows platforms. Select network routers are enabled, however manual installation is required.


  1. Advanced security measures
  2. It doesn’t record anything
  3. Exceptional capacity to unblock


  1. It takes a bit longer to connect than with other providers.
  2. Running static IP addresses

3 – SurfShark


As many as 3,000 more servers are located in 59 other countries, included 64 in Austria, offering CyberGhost one of the most sophisticated VPN services on the market. You may stream live HD video without any visible buffering with this service, which indicates the current load of each server so you can select the quickest one. CyberGhost may also unblock  Puls 4 and ATV from out of the United States.

Even better, all of the service’s security protocols are activated by default. An ad blocker and malware analyzer are also included, 256-bit encryption and IPv6/DNS leak protection as well. Moreover, CyberGhost does not save any information that might be used to identify you. Live chat support is available 24/7 if you have any issues.

There are CyberGhost apps for Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS. Linux systems and certain wireless routers necessitate manual configuration.


  1. As fast as you’d expect for HD streaming
  2. Lot Of servers are installed on various locations.


  1. Few choices for more sophisticated users.

4 – IPVanish


IPVanish now currently operates servers in Austria, as well as more than 1,100 in more than 60 other  countries, including that of the United States. Lightweight software for several platforms, up to 10 simultaneous connections, excellent speeds, and the option to unblock services like ORF1 overseas are just some of the features that make this service great for on-the-go surfing.

With a kill switch, DNS and IPv6 leak prevention, and 256-bit encryption, this VPN ensures that your online activities remain private. Even more robust  cybersecurity solutions like OpenVPN obfuscation and local traffic blocking are included.

No personal information is collected by IPVanish, so there is no way to trace your transactions back to  you. Live chat customer service is accessible 24/7 if you need assistance.

There are IPVanish applications for macOS, iOS, Windows, Android. On Linux- ased devices and some internet routers, it works, but it must be deployed manually.


  1. Compared to other high-speed servers, those can handle a lot of visitors.
  2. Security and privacy attributes are of high quality


  1. Won’t unlock some popular streaming services.
  2. Bitcoin is not welcomed.

5- PrivateVPN

private vpn

In virtue of PrivateVPN’s fairly limited network of 88 servers in 57 regions, including two in Austria, it delivers considerably faster speeds than most of its rivals. ORF1, Puls 4, and ATV may all be unlocked and use this service anywhere in the world, plus you won’t notice any buffering during use.

Because it supports up to six simultaneous connections, PrivateVPN is perfect for those who need to safeguard several devices.

To keep your traffic private from prying eyes, this service provides protection against IPv6, WebRTC, and DNS leaks, a kill switch, and 256-bit encryption. While PrivateVPN has a stringent no-logging policy, consumers may join up using Bitcoin and a disposable email address.

They have a live chat service that is accessible 24/7, and  can  help you set up or configure the program remotely if you’d prefer. PrivateVPN has apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS platforms. Manual installation is essential for Linux systems and certain routers.


  1. Faster than average downloads and uploads.
  2. Allowing the use of certain services that have been previously blocked
  3. Strong security and no logs.


  1. Small network size is one of the drawbacks.
  2. Has no 24-hour live chat service.

When Choosing A VPN, What Are The Most Important Factors To Keep In Mind?

Picking the right virtual private network (VPN) might be difficult. Furthermore, there are so many choices from which to choose, and new ones are being introduced.

We checked for providers that fulfilled the following criteria:

  • An extensive infrastructure of elevated servers should be developed.
  • High-speed connections are a given.
  • This application uses powerful data encryption to secure your most critical information and  integrate additional safeguards.
  • It must be compatible with all of the todays’ most prevalent operating systems.
  • Any information that may help identify you cannot be retained by it.

Frequently Asked Questions

However, free VPNs have some big drawbacks that make them less enticing at first appearance. These services have a vast user base, yet their networks are frequently rather tiny, so they struggle to keep up. As a result, you’ll likely encounter poor surfing speeds and often paused movies.

Aside from that, free VPNs are often prohibited by geo-restricted platforms, which means even if you can connect to one with excellent speeds, you may not be able to access the content you want.

With an international server infrastructure, the costs to maintain them are even more prohibitive. In order to run, how can free VPNs afford to operate? In most cases, huge, invasive advertising are inserted into the websites you browse, but other services go much farther.

Using tracking cookies, companies may learn a lot about your surfing behaviour and preferences. Without your permission, your personal information is transferred to advertising for marketing purposes.

Finally, there is the matter of security. As a result of recent research, it has been determined that at least one large app store is home to hundreds of Trojans masquerading as free VPNs. 18 percent of the examined applications did not employ any encryption at all, making them virtually worthless in the eyes of this study. When Hola was caught selling user bandwidth to create a botnet, we learned that your safety was not assured even with larger providers.

Choose a trustworthy, renowned, and reliable VPN that prioritises the privacy of its customers.


It is common practise for big streaming sites to utilise regional blocking. But most of the time, they merely check the user’s IP address to determine whether they’re in a supported region. As a result, you may access services like Puls 4, ORF1, ATV, ProSieben and Go TV without limitation by connecting to an Austrian VPN server first.

Not all geo-restrictions are based only on IP address checks. There are a lot of services out there that will only take payment methods associated with a specific location’s phone number or postal code. This implies that Austrians who are now overseas can join up, but for those who dwell in other countries will be very difficult to do so.


If you travel frequently, you’re likely to have gotten an automatic alert warning you that someone has attempted to access one of your accounts. There are a number of services that rely on these systems such as PayPal, Uber,banks , and email services, and if you lose access even for a short time, it might have serious consequences. A VPN server in your own country can, however, greatly lessen the danger of having this happen at all.

Some of the drawbacks of using public wifi networks include the fact that they aren’t always effectively protected, that they’re frequently watched, and that specific websites may be blocked. Despite these disadvantages, public wifi networks are nevertheless useful.

VPNs help you avoid all three of these issues since its encryption prevents anybody from monitoring your activity, and the ability to route traffic through a server in another location makes it easy to visit any website you choose.


In Austria, the internet is relatively open and free, with just a few limitations. It’s routine practise in most countries to prohibit websites that carry illicit pornography. Hate speech and pro-Nazi or neo-Nazi material are likewise restricted in Austria.

Popular file-sharing sites like The Pirate Bay and 1337x are blocked by ISPs in several regions. However, given VPNs and other privacy-focused technologies like Tor make overcoming governmental and ISP-imposed blocking relatively easy, this form of restriction is widely deemed useless at best and ethically objectionable at worst.

It’s true that there are not many locations where VPN usage is completely prohibited. There are a few countries, such as China and Russia, where you’re only allowed to use services approved by the government, but in most of the world, using a VPN isn’t restricted in any manner. If you utilize a VPN to do things that are unlawful.

Obviously, if you’re not sure about the law in your current jurisdiction, we strongly advise doing your homework before attempting to use a virtual private network.

There are several benefits to having an Austrian IP address. For instance, you may access your favorite Austrian services while traveling abroad (such as RaiPlay or Mediaset). This is especially beneficial if you use Netflix since many countries’ libraries are smaller than those in the United States.

Furthermore, if you use an internet bank and your IP address indicates that you are from a foreign nation, access to your account may be temporarily denied. The issue is that these automated systems are frequently unable to distinguish between a hacking attempt and a user attempting to log in while on vacation.



To get an Austrian IP address, there are a number of legal options available. As a general rule, we utilise a virtual private network (VPN), which is easy to use and provides the best results compared to other options.

You can also use a proxy server or TOR to access the internet, but only if you have enough technical expertise.