How To Get An IP Address For South Africa in UK

A VPN surely helps you to get an IP address for South Africa in UK. You’ll be able to visit South African streaming content from UK, as well as access geo-restricted content.You’ll become able to view South African TV stations like SABC 1, Unblock geo-blocked content, and more.

You’ll need an effective VPN to acquire an IP address for South Africa in UK. A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, encrypts your device’s internet traffic and sends it through one of the provider’s servers before routing it via the internet. It accomplishes this by encrypting your device’s online traffic and sending it through one of its own servers.

South Africans aren’t the only ones who may use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access the internet privately. VPNs code and decode all of your internet activity through an encrypted tunnel to its intended recipient, allowing you to browse the web anonymously while avoiding objectionable content. Because they are quick and easy to set up, VPNs are by far by user-friendly than another mechanism.

Fortunately, internet access in South Africa is largely unrestricted, allowing people to go online with ease. If you’re outside of South Africa and want to watch popular TV stations like SABC 1,, or SABC 2, you’ll need to get an IP address for South Africa in UK.

How To Get An IP Address For South Africa In UK

Even if you’ve never used a VPN before, it’s simple to unblock the restrictions and acquire whatever you desire on the internet:

  1. Choose a trustworthy VPN provider. ExpressVPN is our top pick.


2. If your operating system is not supported, the program won’t install. Install it accordingly.


3. You must first connect to a service’s South African server. You will be provided with a proxy IP address from the country, now you will be able to surf without any restriction.

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Which VPNs Can You Use To Get An IP Address For South Africa In UK

Using the famous VPNs you can easily get an IP address for South Africa in UK, but they can also get you one for Portugal, South Korea, Spain, Argentina, or Hungary

  1. ExpressVPN is our top choice to get an IP address for South Africa in UK. ExpressVPN has 3000 all over the world . They’re both extremely secure and anonymous.
  2. NordVPN is a popular VPN that offers 5200 fast servers, allowing you to bypass geoblocks. Customized apps, that are safe and secure.
  3. Surfshark is a less expensive alternative. A trustworthy network of 3200 servers, privacy-focused VPN with fast South African servers and good unblocking capabilities.
  4. IPVanish is a popular VPN provider with 1800 servers in 59 countries. You may use it with Kodi-based streaming devices, although not all of them are worth it. Up to 10 devices can be linked to one account.
  5. CyberGhost is a wonderful alternative with 7700 servers all around. Apps are simple to download and run, making them an excellent choice for beginners.

Detailed Overview of Best Available VPN Services

1 – ExpressVPN


ExpressvPN is just magical to get an IP address for South Africa in UK. With over 3,000 servers in 94 countries, ExpressVPN allows you to watch content from almost any location on Earth. This means that you can watch everything from Netflix to BBC iPlayer to Amazon Prime Video in UK.

ExpressVPN is located in the British Virgin Islands, which is outside of the 14 Eyes 9Eyes and Five Eyes. It claims that it does not keep any internet activity or connection logs. Your IP address and surfing history are not stored, ensuring your privacy.

For enhanced security, ExpressVPN provides a comprehensive selection of features. It uses DNS leak prevention, split tunneling, 256-bit AES encryption, and a kill switch to provide the greatest degree of online privacy possible.

The ExpressVPN apps are available for Linux, Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS. An app is also accessible for routers. Smart DNS proxies allow consoles and smart TVs to connect with ExpressVPN through the service’s VPN network. The browser extensions of ExpressVPN may be downloaded for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.


  1. Extended Network
  2. Robust unblocking options
  3. Money-back guarantee for a month
  4. User-friendly interface.


  1. A Bit higher prices.
  2. Features can be customized.

2 – Nord VPN


NordVPN is very reliable to get an IP address for South Africa in UK. NordVPN is among one of the top pick for a South African IP address. It has 30 high-speed servers in South Africa and more than 5,200 across 62 locations worldwide. Obviously, using NordVPN to unblock geo-blocked content is a cinch.

NordVPN is a great VPN service, and it’s even better if you live in the United States. It provides excellent security and performance for streaming TV shows and movies in high definition. NordVPN has succeeded in overcoming anti-VPN techniques time after time, even while successfully unblocking services such as BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix.

NordVPN is one of the most cost-effective Virtual Private Network (VPN) services available. A single membership may be used on up to six devices, making it ideal for families. It also provides outstanding live customer service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you’re still not sure, there’s 30-day money.

However, you should also think about your own safety. NordVPN does not disappoint in this category. 256-bit AES encryption, a kill switch, and DNS leak protection all contribute to greater online anonymity. Onion Over VPN and Double VPN are just two of the specialized servers available.

NordVPN is accessible on Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows. Chrome and Firefox browser extensions are also available. An app for Android TV is also available.


  1. Over 5,000 servers in over 50 countries around the world
  2. Fast servers allow for high-quality streaming.
  3. It connects up to six devices at the same time.
  4. Recomended Server is “”
  5. 25 servers in South Africa.
  6. Encryption and authentication are used to keep your information safe.
  7. Linux, Android TV, and other platforms


  1. The desktop software is a bit clunky.
  2. Static IP addresses

3 – SurfShark


Surfshark is a fantastic, low-cost alternative to get an IP address for South Africa in UK. It offers over 3000 servers in 60+ countries, including South Africa, and is fast and stable. Unrestricted bandwidth and the ability to unblock services such as Netflix , SuperSport, and BBC iPlayer.

Surfshark is a fantastic choice for people who want to stream. Furthermore, unlike many of its rivals, which have limited bandwidth allowances, this service permits you to connect an infinite number of devices.

To keep you secure at all times, Surfshark encrypts your data with 256-bit encryption, a kill switch,ad-blocking technology, malware scanning capabilities, protection against DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC leaks.

With a disposable email address and payment in bitcoin, Surfshark does not store any personally identifiable information and allows you to join almost entirely anonymously.

Surfshark offers iOS, Linux, macOS, Android, and Windows programs. It may be manually set up to connect to wireless routers.


  1. For perfect live streaming, it’s fast enough.
  2. The company’s primary focus has been on security.
  3. Zero Logging policy
  4. There is no limit to the number of connections you can establish.


  1. Still has a few sluggish servers on occasion.

4 – IPVanish


IPVanish is reliable and efficient as well to get an IP address for South Africa in UK. IPVanish has a long history of providing dependable VPN services with various benefits. IPVanish is especially popular with Kodi users since it is so simple to use. When it comes to accessing geo-restricted content in South Africa and across the world, IPVanish does an excellent job.

The service supports HD streaming and works with BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime Video. In addition, it has seven servers in Johannesburg, South Africa, as well as over 1800+ servers in over 70+ locations worldwide. Although high-definition streaming is possible owing to quick speeds and limitless bandwidth, the service performs particularly well.

IPVanish’s biggest advantages are its large number of simultaneous connections on several devices and the fact that it allows you to have ten connections on numerous devices – considerably more than most VPNs allow. It’s a fantastic value VPN, with 24/7 customer support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

IPVanish’s 256-bit AES encryption, DNS leak protection, and kill switch provide excellent security. It has a no-logs policy, so you can browse the web without fear of being tracked.

IPVanish offers VPNs for all platforms, including Linux, Android, macOS, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, and Windows. For Linux and routers, IPVanish provides manual configuration choices.


  1. High-speed internet and limitless bandwidth
  2. Simple to operate with Kodi
  3. In Johannesburg  there are 6 servers running.
  4. You may use IPVanish on 10 devices at once.
  5. No Access to reliable information


  1. Belongs to the Five Eyes network.
  2. Unreliable unblocking when it comes to Netflix

5- CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost has over 7700 servers and 10 of them are located in South Africa that makes easy for user to get an IP address for South Africa in UK, making it one of the most cost effective VPNs on the market. This gives you plenty of time to put CyberGhost to the test for free.

CyberGhost proved to be a quick VPN for both surfing and watching videos and TV shows in our testing. Connections are also solid, with fast speeds and no downtime. CyberGhost provides 24/7 assistance through live chat and email if you run into any problems.

CyberGhost allows you to connect to up to seven devices at the same time. The apps are quick and simple to use, allowing you to filter by country and server. You may fine-tune your experience by restricting advertising, encrypting data, and compressing it with a variety of switch buttons.

CyberGhost is a well-known VPN with over 10 million users. It’s based in Romania, where there are no data retention laws. It includes an automatic kill switch, 256-bit AES encryption, a zero-logs policy, and IP and DNS leak protection, making it ideal for sensitive usage.

CyberGhost lets you use its software on both Windows and Mac computers, as well as Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. There are no router-specific apps since users may manually configure them.


  1. Quick and reliable connectivity
  2. Simultaneously connect up to 7 gadgets.
  3. In Johannesburg  there are 24 servers activated.
  4. Excellent security features
  5. Customized apps are offered for fire Stick and Amazon Fire TV.


  1. Power users will be frustrated by a lack of configuration options.

Why do we need a South African IP Address In UK?

Because of the following reasons, you must acquire a South African IP address in UK:

  • The act of accessing your bank’s website from a new location.
  • If you need to use services like Netflix or Hulu, make absolutely sure that are available in your area.
  • There really is no possibility for someone outside the territory to obtain any highly confidential information about the location in this scenario.

What Are The Most Crucial Factors To Consider When Choosing A VPN

It’s difficult to know which VPN is best for you. After all, there are so many different providers to consider, and they’re always launching new ones.

To get an IP address for South Africa in UK, we searched for providers who met the following requirements:

  1. There should also be a robust network of high-quality servers in South Africa.
  2. Connections should be quick.
  3. The program encrypts your critical data using strong encryption technology and adds further security measures.
  4. It must be compatible with all of today’s most popular computer operating systems.
  5. It’s impossible for anything to record information that can be utilized to identify you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Many individuals use free VPNs to acquire a South Africa IP address. While a free service may be seductive, we recommend against it for a few reasons. A free VPN, in particular, has to make money in some manner.

They’re selling your data to third parties, including everything from your personal information to internet activities to the companies who aren’t charging you for membership. Some free Virtual Private Networks are malware or pester you with irrelevant spam advertisements, which is an annoyance.

Security and performance are two of the most essential aspects. Free VPNs are frequently sluggish, making streaming movies and television shows nearly impossible. Aside from the buffering and delay, few free VPNs can effectively unblock Netflix due to its anti-VPN technology.

Additionally, free VPNs restrict your speed and bandwidth due to the large number of users. If you need an IP address from South Africa, a high-quality paid VPN is the best option.


Showmax began operations in South Africa in 2015, but it has since expanded to over 40 countries throughout the world. If you want to access Showmax of South Africa in UK, you’ll need a VPN.


An IP address for South Africa in UK allows you to access the internet as if you were in South Africa. This means that regardless of where you are, you will be able to visit South African content. You can watch television channels and subscribe to popular South African services, as well as local networks.

A virtual private network, or VPN, is an amazing method for individuals who live in countries where the internet is restricted. If you reside in China and wish to watch Netflix, for example, you should utilize a VPN. Indeed, using a good VPN with servers all around the world will allow you to access Netflix from almost any place on Earth.


You may unblock South African TV even if you’re traveling outside of the country with a VPN. Simply connect to a server in South Africa using your VPN, and the restricted media should be accessible. If that doesn’t work, clear your browser’s cookies to ensure any modifications you’ve made are recognized.

With a South African IP address, you can watch everything that comes from the country. Terrestrial stations such as and SABC 1 are included, as well as subscription services SuperSport, DStv, and Showmax, which are all region-restricted and otherwise inaccessible.


VPNs are not illegal in South Africa. Fortunately, there is little to no internet censorship in the country. Freedom House has classified South Africa’s internet freedom as “free.”

The Cybercrimes and Cyber Security Bill, as well as the Films and Publications Amendment Bill, have been criticized for their potential to infringe on individuals’ privacy and freedom of speech.


No, streaming is not prohibited in South Africa. In fact, several popular streaming services are accessible in South Africa, including ShowMAX and Netflix.


While the Netflix platform is worldwide, the content varies by region. This is due to the fact that while the US and South African versions of Netflix are identical, other countries’ versions include different content. This is owing to copyright and licensing complexities surrounding Netflix’s content in various countries.


No, using a proxy in South Africa isn’t the same as utilizing a VPN. It’s important to distinguish between a proxy and a VPN. While proxy and VPN servers hide your IP address, the most significant distinction is that a VPN also encrypts your online activity.

To access geo-blocked sites and services in South Africa, you can use either a VPN or a proxy. However, only a VPN will safeguard you from internet dangers such as hackers and snoops.



This post covers all of the legal methods to get an IP address for South Africa in UK. We generally employ a VPN (only premium and recommended service, not the free version) because they are simple to use and provide the greatest results when compared to other strategies.

Another option is to use a proxy server or TOR, however we recommend you do so if you have adequate technical knowledge.