How To Get A German IP Address in Australia – [Updated 2022]

Do you want to access German TV or streaming services from outside of the country? With the help of a VPN, it’s simple. We’ll show you how to get a German IP address in Australia through a VPN and which VPNs are best suited for this job.

There are several reasons to use a German IP address in Australia to surf the internet. Citizens who live outside of Germany might want to utilize financial services such as Deutsche Bank or Commerzbank. Customers may get a German IP address in Australia to access geo-blocked streaming services while traveling.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the simplest, quickest, and most successful approach to acquire a German IP address. The software encrypts all of your internet traffic and sends it via a middleman server. As a result, you may pretend to be from Germany and persuade others that you’re surfing from there.

 How To Get A German IP Address in Australia Using ExpressVPN

Even if you’ve never used a VPN before, it’s easy to get a German IP address in Australia and access anything on the internet with one: VPNs are the most easiest way to acquire a German IP address in Australia.

Step 1 Sign up for a subscription with ExpressVPN and provide your login details.

Step 2 To download the Desktop Client or Mobile App, go to the official website and click on download.

Step 3 You’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes after connecting to the “German Server.” The service connects in a matter of seconds, to get a German IP address in Australia.

express germany

Best VPNs To Get A German IP Address in Australia

Keeping your digital life secure in today’s technology-driven world is critical. When you use a VPN on your phone or computer, you’ll get the same level of security when surfing the web on either device or from anywhere else!

We’ve spent over 300 hours comparing 50 different VPNs to choose the best for our audience that wants more than simply security when traveling, so have a look at these other alternatives. You may get a German IP address in Australia and relocate your position with a few clicks. Beside this the recommended VPNs can get an IP address for Bangladesh, Argentina, Egypt, Bulgaria, Ukrain

  • ExpressVPN -Operating in 94+ countries, having 3,000+ servers operating on 160+ server locations.
  • Nord VPN – Splendid network in 60+ countries, with 5200+ Servers serving on 70+ locations
  • SurfShark VPN – Business presence  in 62+ counties having 3200+ Servers
  • IPVanish VPN – Operating in 50++ countries with a network of 1,700+ servers operating on 70+ locations.


An Overview Of Affordable VPN Services






  1. Best to work with Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and macOS
  2. Great accessibility to social platforms
  3. Firm Logging policy


  1. A little slow on  mac OS
  2. It does not support Internet Explorer
  3. Only five concurrent connections

With ExpressVPN, you may un-geolocate yourself and to get a German IP address in Australia, which is the finest VPN for Americans. Since its inception in 2009, the business has served thousands of customers from over 90 countries across 3500+ servers on 165+ server locations.

Numerous high-quality servers, 64+ servers are available specifically for the European region in Germany’s largest cities, such as Frankfurt or Nuremberg.

Express German VPN

To prevent the need for user activity records, ExpressVPN uses the TST approach. To show that no logs are kept, ExpressVPN has implemented strong technical protections like expert server capture tools to demonstrate “No Logs Policy on Personal Data.” Thanks to ExpressVPN, other people are prevented from disrupting your online connection.

ExpressVPN includes a built-in “Kill Switch” that ensures that system data does not leak when the VPN connection disconnects, and it comes with a built-in ” DNS Leak Protection.” Adblocking is also popular among ExpressVPN users. It includes comprehensive DNS leaks protection, anti-malware protection, and an adblocker by default.

ExpressVPN now accepts Bitcoin, which is a fantastic payment solution. This is yet another forward-thinking approach to make things simpler for clients. There’s a money-back guarantee on all pricing levels.


  • Recommended to work on all Operating Systems
  • They have 165+ server locations
  • Working  with 3000+ HD Servers
  • Serving in Frankfurt and Nuremberg. with 64+ servers
  • Split – Tunneling  Yes
  • Streaming Services  Yes
  • European Netflix Yes
  • Torrenting Yes
  • 30,000+ IP Addresses (IPV4 & IPV6)
  • Serving in 94+ countries


Nord VPN



  • Excellent App
  • Strong data logging policy
  • Extreme accessibility


If you’ve already tried ExpressVPN and were unable to get a German IP address in Australia, NordVPN is the best choice. NordVPN has the highest success rates of any well-known brand in the VPN industry when it comes to IP geolocation restrictions. It includes six more connections in addition to five competitors’ servers, providing excellent concurrency.

The company, which was founded in 2004 and is one of the most popular VPNs on Earth, has servers in more than 85+ locations across 81 countries. More than 60 countries are now able to connect to it. The firm operates over 240 servers in Germany, with offices in Frankfurt and Nuremberg.

nord germany

NordVPN is a well-known VPN service provider. NordVPN has six connections in comparison to the competition’s five, and servers can be found in over 70 countries. Customers of NordVPN may contact them to purchase a Private IP option for running their specialized VPN service. In just one step, the Kill Switch makes the VPN into Tor.

We reduced our speeds by 53%, but NordVPN’s are still quick. There was no outage, and where VPNs fall short, they exceed expectations.


  • Maximum working with Windows, Linux & macOS
  • The company owns 85+ server locations
  • A strong network of 5200+ Servers
  • 240+ servers in Germany.
  • Operating in Frankfurt and Nuremberg.
  • Access to social platforms
  • European Netflix  Yes
  • Torrenting Yes
  • 5500+ IP addresses.
  • Operating in 64+ countries


surf shark



  • Countless connections per subscription
  • Strong data log policy
  • Cheap packages


Because Surfshark has so many alternatives to the market, it has no trouble competing against its rivals because it is a small network. It also includes anti-tracking, ad-blocking, and antivirus software. IP location restrictions are removed immediately.

There are several of them in 62+ locations throughout the firm’s 3200+ servers around the world, with Germany being served with a choice of high-quality servers.

The typical drop in speed during testing is around 17%. It outperforms a number of competitors in terms of consistency.

surfshark germany


It is beyond expectations owing to the Surfsharks‘ add-on, which works with all well-known browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox, while the Cyber Security Firm of Germany, Cure 53, highly endorses it.

They are Linux-based and were created to be used with the Steam Link, as well as Windows, Fire TV, iOS, networked game consoles, and Mac OS. DNS supports game console setup as well.

Surfshark offers three distinct methods for evading encryption. Hideous Mode prevents your information from being retrieved, Multihop Mode routes it across several nations to obscure you, and NoBorders Mode allows you to use Surfshark in areas where there is limited Internet access as a standard feature. There’s a money-back guarantee on all subscriptions.


  • They operate on 85+ server locations
  • They have a network of 3200 Servers
  • Operating in Frankfurt and Nuremberg.
  • Streaming  is available
  • European Netflix  Yes
  • Torrenting Yes
  • 22,000+ IP Addresses

Other Credible Ways To Get a German IP Address in Australia


How To Get A German IP Address in Australia by Using TOR


The onion router is another way to get a German IP address in Australia.The “TOR System” is a browser that masks online activities by using the “TOR System,” which transmits data through numerous servers before reaching its conclusion. When you move sites, the system goes berserk, necessitating it to identify where the meeting began. In the cyber world, you’ll be secure for miles and kilometers.


  1. Free to Download
  2. Extreme security
  3. Friendly to use


  1. A bit slow speed
  2. TOR is illegal to use

How To Get A German IP Address in Australia Using  Proxy Server

When it comes to get a German IP address in Australia , Proxy servers are having an edge over other ways. When a user connects to a proxy server, the intermediate Server receives a distinct IP address and processes the client’s request. Many DNS requests are evaluated before replying to a query.

proxy server

  • The proxy server’s primary function is to add any supplementary data to the client request before forwarding it to the web server.
  • When a computer is connected to a firewall, it may be forwarded via an intermediary system to communicate with the server.
  • It can corrupt data in order to render it unusable on a variety of platforms.


      1. Maximum Security
      2. Fast connection


      1. No extended encryption
      2. Risk of hacking

How To Get A German IP Address in Australia Using Public WIFI Network

public wifi

Many people are unfamiliar with public Wi-Fi networks, which may be found in practically every location and meet a wide range of needs. Many individuals have neglected to utilize their personal accounts on a public institution for login credentials for items like emails and ledger access.

    • You may access sensitive information.
    • Your computer session may be terminated at any time.
    • A third party interferes with the transaction.
    • The Sniffing attack. can be launched easily.
    • There is a strong chance of malware injection.

How To Get A German IP Address in Australia Using Mobile Data

mobile data

When you’re not connected to Wi-Fi, switching between IP addresses is feasible using your mobile data connection. Data may be sent over a connection that is far away. If you have a cell phone, you can simply transmit the data when and as needed.

mobile data

Today, mobile technology has become an unavoidable component of everyday life. It’s as if we’ve moved to a different planet from those who don’t use their phones as frequently as they should – they aren’t aware of how much freedom and flexibility is now accessible to them because they use their phones more often, and it might be the difference between regretting

Cellular data, on the other hand, is more unique since it may be utilized with WIFI to fulfill your requirements. You could want a middleman tool to assist you to avoid being spied upon by Peering eyes that you can’t trust.

What’s the Point of Getting a German IP in Australia?

For the following reasons, you may be able to receive a German IP address in Australia.

  • Logging into your bank account from a foreign country.
  • In order for individuals throughout the globe to use streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, they must be accessible.
  • In this area, no one other than authorised personnel is allowed access to any private or secret information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to be sure that when you connect to a VPN, your internet activity will be hidden and secure? On the internet, there are many free VPNs available. This is why they are frequently advertised. However, these firms may not provide you with the same level of personalization as a service does.

A good VPN, on the other hand, just has a few servers with weak encryption and controls traffic in certain circumstances to cash in on your data. If you’re lucky, you may get connected to a German server; but it will most likely be unpleasant.

There is a slew of money-making schemes on the market that don’t make money and try to do so. When they give away their items for free, be careful what’s hidden behind the curtain. Some may flood your computer with migrainogenic popup ads, while others might encourage you to join a premium club.


In two easy steps, you may get a free German IP address in Australia.

  1. Get a VPN – Use one of the recommended VPNs, which has a larger data limit than the others.
  2. Before you go online, make a connection to a server in Germany.



We developed this “How to Get a German IP Address in Australia” guide with one aim in mind: to inform you of all possible methods for avoiding harm.

We discovered that VPNs are the most secure and efficient way to isolate a problem, but there is always one tiny oversight: The Recommended VPNs.