How to Change IP Address on “MAC” Using VPNs

How to change your IP address on a MAC machine is simple & easy for most people likewise to change IP address on Windows 10, regardless of whether you’ve never done it you can get the whole idea in few seconds. It’s completely protected and – insofar as you’re not utilizing it to overstep different laws – it’s lawful .

Your gadgets have a unique string of addresses which is called IP addresses; we will keep you posted with different legal methods you want to use to change IP Address on MAC and deceive the internet system as your location becomes untraceable.

There are four basic approaches to change your IP address in a few minutes. Covering yourself behind a web proxy system preferences or a VPN is the most ideal approach to briefly change your IP settings, yet in addition to ensure your protection.

In the article we will focus on introducing you to the Best Ways To Change IP address on MAC, so guys relax and go through the whole write-up. Be attached to our blog for more related topics and latest news.

Ways To Change IP On MAC

These are the 04 trustworthy ways or approaches to change Mac computer’s IP address, every approach has its own one-of-a-kind reason. Here are your principle alternatives and the essential motivation to utilize that strategy:

Local IP 

This is quick and simple; however, it changes your Mac’s IP Address on local area connection. Your external IP address, which permits your PC to be part of the internet session on the web, stays unaltered. Internal and External IPs are different and not considered the same address.


This strategy expects you to get a paid services from Virtual Private Network provider, It’s safer than the other strategies, and it likewise replaces your public IP by assigning a new IP Address.

Proxy Server

Using this strategy you get admittance to a web proxy system preferences. At the point when you change your IP utilizing this technique, it changes your public IP to that of the web proxy server using a new IP address which is provided by the ISP, successfully concealing your genuine IP on any specific device from the world.

Static IP Address 

Using this approach suggests you request your Internet service provider to change your IP address by assigning you a new Static IP address.

Change Local IP Address On MAC

Follow the prescribed steps to change local IP address on MAC.

Change Local IP on MAC

Follow the steps given below to change your IP address on local network Manually OR Automatically on the MAC system.

  • On the upper top left corner of MAC click on Apple icon &  select System Preferences.

manual step 1

  • Once you click system preferences, click and go to Network Settings or Wi fi (wireless network).

manual step 2

  • Once you enter Wi fi, Click Advanced on the bottom right corner.

manual step 3

  • Go to TCP/IP to change the Internet Protocol settings. Please do not disturb other information tabs

manual step 4

  • Select manually  from dropdown menu in front of option Configure IPv4 address, now it up to you if you want to run static IP address choose “Manually” from the drop-down options or if you want the system to assign a new IP address automatically, select “Using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol – DHCP”.

manual step 5

  • Enter specified new IP address, given to you by service provider & click ok

step 6

  • Now Click Apply , now you can enjoy browsing with Renewed IP Address

step 7

Change IP Address On MAC Using VPN 

To change IP address on MAC is super easy using VPN. VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network” and describes the opportunity to establish a protected network connection hiding your original IP, when using public IP & networks. VPNs encrypt your internet traffic and disguise your online identity.

This makes it more difficult for third parties to track your activities online and steal data because it provides a different IP address which is changed from the IP address that you use usually.

Changing IP address has become an easy matter of routine , You can easily change IP address to Autralia or NewZealand or to any other global region just by following few steps now.


Change IP On MAC Using VPN

Following are a few easy steps to change IP address MAC through VPN.

  • Buy a reliable and trustworthy paid VPN service, although there are free services available we don’t recommend them as using them is a risk.


vpn connection 1

  • Download and connect VPN application.

vpn connection 2

  • Enjoy browsing with your new address through VPN, if you want to get back to your real IP you can disconnect the service from the application. Double check the speed of your wi fi connection or current network as it might affect the VPN service.

vpn connection 3

Top VPN Services Available 

Remaining on the factors that make the Best VPN, we tested the following services and ranks them accordingly where the ExpressVPN remains on top. The VPNs we recommend have mastery to change IP Address to UK in just a few moments without any hassle.

  • ExpressVPN – 3,000+ VPN servers in 160 VPN server locations in 94 countries
  • NordVPN –  5200 Servers & 80 Server locations in 62 Countries.
  • SurfShark VPN – 3200+ Servers in multiple locations in 65 Countries.
  • IPVanish VPN – 1,600+ servers on 75+ locations operating in 50 + countries
  • CyberGhost VPN  – 7000 Servers with numerous locations in 91 countries across the world

An Analysis Of VPNs





  1. Finest performance on Windows platform
  2. Access to blocked websites like Netflix
  3. Lenient data retaining policies
  4. Exceptional app with lots of option


  1. Works slow on MAC OS
  2. No Telephone Service
  3. No support for Internet Explorer
  4. 05 parallel connections for a subscription

ExpressVPN is a great service to change IP address on MAC machines. The company has been in business since 2009, it has an extensive network of VPN servers that has been extended to 94 countries worldwide with more than 3000 servers on 160+ server locations.

ExpressVPN is driven by Trusted Server Technology, ExpressVPN never keeps a log of user activities. ExpressVPN has in place bold features of server capture by experts which have shown their zero-log strategy. ExpressVPN introduced intensive setup guides, and the quality in the FAQ to resolve the issues on an immediate basis.

  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux
  • More than 160 server locations
  • More than 3000 Servers all around the world.
  • Operates in Montreal, Toronto & Vancouver.
  • Contract Length 1 month, 6 months, 1 year
  • Split Tunneling Yes
  • Netflix Yes
  • Torrenting Yes
  • 30,000 IP addresses: (Static IP Address and Dynamic IP address)
  • 05 simultaneous connections.
  • Operations in more than 94 countries



Nord VPN


  • Excellent app
  • Netflix accessibility
  • Firm logging rules


  • Uses Fixed IP
  • In-Efficient Customer Support
  • Kill switch is not effective on iOS

NordVPN is one of the most familiar brands in the world of VPN as it have made it super easy to change IP address on MAC. It offers a substantial concurrent connection and where other competitors offer 5 connections it offers 06 with its servers. It is operating in 62countries  with more than 5300 servers on more than 80server locations.

NordVPN has placed 453 servers in Canada. Recommended server for streaming is “”. When the user click network and connects the service it automatically links the user to the fastest server available in the location.

  • Compatible with Windows, MAC, iOS, Android, Linux
  • More than 80 server locations
  • More than 5300 Servers all around the world.
  • 453 servers in Canada.
  • Recommended server for streaming is “”
  • Contract Length 1 month, 1 year, 2 years
  • Split Tunneling Yes * on Windows, Android, and Android TV only
  • Netflix Yes
  • Torrenting Yes
  • 5,000 IP addresses , Static ip address and Dynamic ip address both.
  • Operations in more than 62 countries





  • Located in Virgin Island that is exterior to surveillance
  • Infinite equipment per subscription
  • Cheap yearly packages
  • Trial period for a month


  • Pathetic Customer Services
  • Manually operate Kill Switch
  • Fixed IP Addresses
  • A bit slow in competition

Surfshark is a budget solution to change IP address on MAC. Being a small network Surfshark is giving ultimate tough time to its competitor due to the features they have introduced in the industry like unlimited device support through which you can support your entire office or home, the company has no issues with that. It also provides you the features like ad-blocking, anti-tracker, and anti-malware tools.

Surfsharks’ extension support for top browsers like Chrome and Firefox has ranked It up among its competitors as it is strongly recommended by the German Cyber Security Firm Cure 53.

They have excellent apps compatible with Windows, iOS, Mac OS, Fire TV and Routers.


  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux
  • More than 80 server locations
  • More than 3000 Servers all around the world.
  • Operates within Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver.
  • Contract Length 1 month, 1 year, 2 years
  • Split Tunneling Yes
  • Netflix Yes
  • Torrenting Yes
  • IP Addresses (Public IP Address & Private IP Address)

Change IP Addres On MAC With Proxy Server

Proxy Servers are another reliable solution to change IP address on MAC . A Proxy Server is an intermediary system which is any machine that interprets traffic between two nodes that can be used to configure ip address on MAC devices. It’s a delegate system isolating end-client customers from the cyberworld destinations what they browse.

Intermediary workers give changing degrees of usefulness, security, and protection relying upon your utilization case & needs.

Using a proxy system is an easy task that everyone can do on a MAC system just by following the steps given :

  • Click System Preferences on upper left corner or tap Apple menu

manual step 1

  • Select network setting by clicking on the Network icon

manual step 2

  • Check if you are using WI FI or Ethernet & Select Advanced Options.

manual step 3

  • Once you enter Wi fi and click advanced, tap on Proxies tab to make desired Ip address functional.

proxy step 4

  • Select SOCKS Proxy unless you have specific proxy server details like manual ip address, subnet mask and gateway.

socks proxy

  • Type proxy information in proxy address field and click OK

proxy server details

  • Apply and Enjoy browsing cyber space

proxy server apply changes

Frequently Asked Questions

This is how you may change Mac IP address for free.

  • Select System Preferences from the menu that appears after clicking the Apple logo.
  • Pick Network.
  • Choose your current network and then select Advanced.
  • Navigate to the TCP/IP tab.
  • Carefully choose IPv4 from the listing.
  • Fill in the blanks with a new IP address.
  • Select OK and then Apply.

The server provider’s network infrastructure is altering. Changing the way IP addresses are allocated. The hub or gateway in charge of your address is changed by the Provider. The ISP has experienced a networking breakdown, which has resulted in the rebuilding of routing information or other internet difficulties.


You could be hijacked even if you have an antivirus and firewalls installed, although knowing your IP address and/or MAC address isn’t really much of concern.

IP addresses and MAC addresses really aren’t hidden, as well as the fact that somebody has them barely matters in their likelihood of attacking you or breaking in your systems.


“Other people are utilizing your IP address”? It signifies that somebody has established your IP address on another equipment, resulting in an IP conflict between the two devices.


This is how you can change IP address on a Mac without using VPN.

  • Use a proxy to conceal the Internet address.
  • Tor is a free tool that allows you to hide your IP address.
  • To change your Internet address, join to a different network.
  • Request that the Internet Service Provider (ISP) modify your Internet address.
  • To change your Internet address, unhook your router.
  • To conceal the unique Ip address, utilize a NAT Firewall.


Follow these steps to find your ip address on macOS.

  • In the top-left corner of your screen, select the Apple icon.
  • Then click on System Preferences.
  • Then, select Network.
  • choose your network.
  • Select Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • Now, select Advanced.
  • Then, select the TCP/IP tab. At the top of the screen, that’s the second item from the left.
  • Lastly, the machine’s IP address will be found beside IPv4 Address, while your router’s IP address will be found just beside Modem.


You hide IP address on Mac using Free VPN, but we don’t suggest to do so because it has its own consequences, apart from that you can use Proxy server or Tor browser to easily change ip address.


You can opt any of the option to hide IP address on Mac without using a VPN.

  • Use a Proxy server
  • Utilization of Tor Browser
  • Unplug and again plug in your router.
  • Join some other network.


Follow the process to resolve an IP address conflict on MAC

  • Select System Preferences from the Menu That appears.
  • Inside the Settings Screen panel, select “Network.”
  • Selecting Interface for which you would like the Internet protocol address.
  • Navigate on the TCP/IP tab to find the IP address.




Use VPN for Altering IP address on MAC
  • If you need Extreme Data Security
  • If you need to Bypass Censorship or Access Blocked Content.
Change Local IP Address On Mac
  • If You have a conflict on current IP address on  local network.
  • If you need to have a Static IP Address
  • If your Router Assigns a Bad Address to your device.
Use Proxy Server to configure IP address on MAC
  • To Hide Your Real IP
  • To get a New External IP with an ease
  • To access Blocked Social Sites


The last part , we have introduced ways which are legal and tested to be used but we recommend you to use paid VPN Service as it is the most secured and reliable way to change IP Addresses on MAC otherwise as an alternative you can also use a Proxy Server to get your IP hidden but for many other reasons we do not prefer it over a paid VPN service.