How To Get Spanish IP Address Using VPNs – Updated 2022

With a VPN, you can quickly get Spanish IP address. We’ll show you how to do so as well as which VPN service to acquire and how to use it efficiently.

After all, language barriers, exchange rates, and public transportation already make traveling tough; the last thing they need to know is that their regular services are not available outside of Spain.

Even if you get a Spanish IP address, you may still use platforms from all across the world. Furthermore, by encrypting your traffic, a reliable VPN will conceal your actions from prying eyes on the network.

 How To Get A Spanish IP Address Using ExpressVPN

Using a virtual private network (VPN) is easy even if you haven’t used one before. To get a Spanish IP address, ExpressVPN is the best service you can use.

Step 1 Get a subscription with ExpressVPN and provide your login credentials.

Step 2 Go to the official website and click on download if you want to download the Desktop Client.

Step 3 After you’ve connected to the “Spanish Server,” you’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes. You get a Spanish IP address in seconds after connecting to the service.

Best VPNs To Get A Spanish IP Address

Keeping your virtual life safe in today’s technology-driven world is important. When you use a VPN on your phone or computer, you’ll have the same level of security while surfing the web from the either device or any other location!

We’ve spent nearly 300 hours comparing 50 unique VPNs in order to choose the best for our audience, who need  to get Spanish IP address and more than just security when traveling. Take a look at these additional alternatives in case you want to change your IP address and relocate your location with a few clicks. Beside this you can easily get IP address for Germany, Portugal, UAE, US or Australia

  • ExpressVPN -Operating in 90+ countries, serving with 5000+ servers on 162+ server locations.
  • Nord VPN – Operating in 65+ countries, having 4800+ servers serving on 75+ locations
  • SurfShark VPN – Serving in 60+ counties having 3000+ Servers
  • IPVanish VPN – Business presence in 52+ countries with a network of 1,800+ servers operating on 75+ locations.


An Overview Of Affordable VPN Services






  1. Works optimum with Windows 10, Linux, Android, iOS and macOS
  2. Provide best access to all platforms
  3. Strong policy on data logging
  4. Effective with range of routers.


  1. Works slow with  mac OS
  2. No support for Internet Explorer
  3. Only five parallel connections

With ExpressVPN, you may un-geolocate yourself and get a Spanish IP address, which is the best VPN so far. Since its inception in 2009, the firm has served thousands of clients from over 90 countries across 3500+ servers on 165+ server locations.

There are plenty of excellent servers in Spain’s largest towns, including Barcelona and Madrid, with 64 or more servers available.

To avoid the need for user activity logs, ExpressVPN uses TST. To show “No Logs Policy on Personal Data,” ExpressVPN has implemented powerful technical measures including expert server capture tools. Other people are kept from disrupting your online connection thanks to ExpressVPN.

By using ExpressVPN, you may access BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world. The provider has a built-in “Kill Switch” that protects your system data if the VPN connection is terminated, as well as a built-in “DNS Leak Protection.” By default, ExpressVPN offers comprehensive DNS leaks protection, anti-malware protection

ExpressVPN now accepts Bitcoin, which is a fantastic alternative to credit card payments. This is yet another forward-thinking feature that makes things simpler for clients. There is a money-back guarantee on all pricing levels.


  • competible with all Operating Systems
  • 162+ server locations
  • Working  with 5000+ HD Servers
  • Serving in Barcelona and Madrid.
  • Split – Tunneling  available
  • Streaming Services  available
  • European Netflix available
  • Torrenting available
  • 32000+ IP Addresses (IPV4 & IPV6)
  • Serving in 90+ countries


Nord VPN



  • Extremely professional App
  • Good policy on data logging
  • Great accessbility


If you’ve already tried ExpressVPN and were unable to get a Spanish IP address, NordVPN is the greatest alternative. When it comes to IP geolocation restrictions, NordVPN has the best success rates of any well-known brand in the VPN industry. It offers even more connections in addition to five rivals’ servers, providing exceptional concurrency.

More than 55,000 servers are located in over 55 countries across the world for this business, which was founded in 2004 and is one of the most well-known VPNs on Earth. It is now available in more than 50 countries. The organization has offices in Barcelona and Madrid, with over 20 servers throughout Spain.

spain nord

NordVPN is a well-known VPN service provider. In comparison to the competition, NordVPN provides six connections and servers are available in over 70 countries. Customers of NordVPN may purchase a Private IP package at any time to use their specialized VPN service. The Kill Switch instantly transforms the VPN into Tor with one click.

We decreased our speeds by half, yet NordVPN’s are still rapid. There was no outage, and where VPNs fall short, they surpass them.


  • Competibility with Windows, Linux & macOS
  • They have 80+ server locations
  • Serving with 5000+ Servers
  • 60+ servers operating in Barcelona and Madrid
  • Recommended servers “” to receive quality services.
  • European Netflix  available
  • Torrenting available
  • 5000+ IP addresses.
  • Operating in 62+ countries


surf shark



  • Uncountable connections
  • Activly data logging policy
  • Afforadable prices


  • Insufficient customer service
  • Fixed IP addresses

The lengthy explanation is that the VPN keeps no logs, but it has some drawbacks. Surfshark works by encrypting all of your traffic and tunneling it to another location (i.e., server), which means you won’t be able to tell where the data is coming from or going to. Because Surfshark has so many alternatives to

There are 3,200 of them in 62+ locations across the world. Spain has a range of high-quality servers. The typical drop in speed during testing is around 17%. It outperforms a variety of competitors when it comes to consistency.

Spain surf


The Surfsharks‘ extension, which is compatible with all well-known browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox, and is highly recommended by Germany’s Cyber Security Firm, Cure 53.

It’s unclear if this is a region-specific name, however, the application interface appears to be identical across all supported platforms.

Surfshark offers three different ways to avoid encryption. Hideous Mode keeps your information hidden, Multihop Mode routes it across several countries to disguise you, and NoBorders Mode allows Surfshark to function as a standard feature in locations with restricted Internet access. All subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Serving on 84+ server locations
  • Strong network of 3000+ Servers
  • Serving in Barcelona and Madrid & Valencia.
  • Streaming  is available
  • European Netflix  available
  • Torrenting available
  • 25,000+ IP Addresses

What Is the Purpose To Get A Spanish IP Address?

There are many reasons due to which one gets a Spanish IP address. A few are enlisted here:

  • Using a different nation to access your bank’s website.
  • It is critical to maintain access to geo-restricted services like Netflix and Hulu.
  • Inside the restricted area, private or sensitive information must be accessible.

Ways To Get A Spanish IP Address


How To Get A Spanish IP Address Using TOR


Tor is a great tool to ge a Spanish IP address. The “Tor System” is a browser that encrypts and routes data through numerous servers before reaching its conclusion in order to conceal online activities. The system goes crazy when you change sites, forcing it to figure out where the meeting began for miles and kilometers in the cyber world. You’ll be safe in the cyber realm for miles and kilometers.


  1. Available free of charge
  2. Maximum security
  3. Easy to use


  1. lacks speed while working
  2. Usage is illegal.

How To Get A Spanish IP Address Using  Proxy Server

The intermediate Server is a good way to get a Spanish IP address, it receives a unique IP address when a user connects to the proxy server, and it processes the client’s request. Many DNS queries are performed before replying to a DNS query.

proxy server

  • The primary goal of a proxy server is to add any supplementary data to the client request and then send it to the webserver.
  • When a computer is connected to a firewall, it may be sent through an intermediary system to exchange data with the server.
  • It can compromise data in order to render it unreadable on a variety of devices.


      1. Splendid security
      2. Reliable connectivity


      1. Extra encryptions is not there
      2. Data theft is possible

How To Get A Spanish IP Address Using Public WIFI Network

public wifi

Many individuals are unfamiliar with public Wi-Fi networks but they are very credible to get a Spanish IP address. They may be found in nearly every location and meet a wide range of requirements. Many users have neglected to utilize their personal accounts for login credentials, such as emails and accounting access, on a public institution.

    • You can easily find things like passwords, credit card numbers, and other private information compromised.
    • Your online session may be ended at any time.
    • A third party disrupts the transaction.
    • It’s a lot easier to explode with sniffing assault.
    • It’s probable that malware will be injected.

How To Get A Spanish IP Address Using Mobile Data

mobile data

You may use your mobile data connection to switch between IP addresses when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi. Data can be sent over a long-distance connection. If you have a cellphone, you can simply transmit the information whenever and as needed.

mobile data

Today, mobile technology has become an essential component of everyday life. We’ve departed from those who don’t utilize their phones as often as they should; they aren’t aware of how much freedom and flexibility they now have because to do so, and it may be the difference between regretting.

WIFI may be utilized to satisfy your demands for data from a mobile phone, while cell phone data is more distinct since it can be used with WIFI. You could want a middleman tool to help you avoid being watched by Peering eyes that you can’t trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best of both worlds, it appears, is available through free VPNs. Who wouldn’t want to gain the protection that a VPN provides without having to pay anything? There are a few major concessions that free services are likely to make that may influence your experience.

The main problem is that they have sluggish servers and restricted monthly bandwidth allowances, which is especially annoying if you intend to stream. Second, because so much traffic comes from a small number of addresses, most big streaming services have no trouble detecting and blocking free VPN servers.

And, of course, whether you’re using a VPN that works in multiple countries or a proxy service that just works in your own country. One is not superior to the other; they are simply different. Each has advantages and drawbacks, however.

Instead of focusing on price, we urge our visitors to conduct due diligence and investigate a VPN’s trustworthiness, logging policies, and security certificates before making a purchase.


Yes it is entirely legal to use VPN service in Spain up till the moment, one tries to perform any illegal activity online.


This is how you get a Spanish IP address:

  • Locate and sign up with a reputable VPN service provider.
  • Simply download the right version of the VPN app for the gadget from the provider’s website (s).
  • Once the software is launched, choose one of the accessible Spanish VPN servers.
  • You now have a Spanish Internet address!


If you want to watch Spanish TV remaining outside of Spain, is to use VPN

  • Buy a subscription
  • Install the correct version of VPN client for your machine
  • Launch the application
  • Connect to the Spanish Server
  • Spanish IP will be allocated.
  • Now you can watch Spanish TV from anywhere in the world.


It’s quite simple, follow these steps to connect to VPN in Spain.

  • Purchase a membership;
  • Install the relevant edition of VPN client for the system;
  • Run the software;
  • Connect to a Spanish Server
  • A Spanish IP address will be assigned.
  • Now you can access Spanish broadcast from everywhere in the planet.


Spain possesses 35,261,469 IP addresses assigned to it.  A few examples of Spain IP addresses are as follows



Its not a big deal to watch Spanish TV channels outside the country, for this purpose user needs to connect to a credible VPN like ExpressVPN. Beside this user can use Proxy server or Tor browser to watch Spanish content.


This “How to get Spanish IP address” article, was created with one aim in mind: to educate you about all available options for avoiding any harm.

According to us, the most secure and efficient approach to isolate a problem is via a VPN.  We have also evaluated other options to acquire a Spanish IP address but we have found VPNs are best to hit the target.