How To Change IP Address on “Roku” – Updated June 2022

To Change IP Address on Roku is as easy as changing the IP address on Computer or Laptop”

How to Change IP Address On Roku

Every field these days is led by the latest technologies, so is entertainment. We have been introduced to numerous platforms where we can find latest news and entertaining content to satisfy your thirt of seeing movies, dramas, and hot tv shows. One among these platforms is Roku is a world-renowned service, disposing of viewers’ negativity by entering them in the world of entertainment.

Using the Roku tv is awesome, its a subscriptions based platform where a user buys plan and connect to them to enjoy. They give you a combo of hardware and software that configures the technical part and there you go.

Sometimes users find it difficult to access the content due to geo-blocking or censorship being imposed on different region by the service provider based on monitoring  network’s IP address that matches IP number with the specified list.

In this article, we will tell you how to change the IP address on Roku Tv to access the blocked content and bypass the censorship.

How to Change IP on Roku Using VPN

Roku system assigns IP address automatically to the user that connects to their service, which means the system of Roku allocates the IP address through DHCP server which ultimately gives you the next available new IP address.

Follow the steps mentioned by which you can find Roku’s IP address.

  • Find Roku’s menu bar, click on advanced system settings panel on the left you will find roku player info.

RoKU 1

  • Go to networking option, then to Wireless or wi fi, go to the option Choose Network to select network name and activate VPN – Enabled Router option from there.

RoKU 2

  • Now click Connect and enjoy

How To Enter IP Address Manually On Roku

  • Browse official website of Roku , download and then install their App.
  • Open app, select settings, select Connect Manually.
  • Once you enter the Manual IP Address the system will verify it & let you in. You can enjoy browsing with a static IP. Isn’t it easy ??
  • Running the whole process will change the roku’s ip address manually.

A Trick to Change IP Roku – Manually

It needs a Router that accepts the “Range of pre-defined list of IP address” and provides a “Reverse IP” function. Use smart router not all routers are good routers.

  • Take a set of predefined IP numbers and put them into your router.
  • Unplug Roku device & other Roku devices if there are any, from power switch.
  • Plug in the Roku device again and switch power on.
  • Your router will assign the next available IP address from the set of predetermined IP addresses.

Recommended VPN Services To Change IP On Roku





  1. Works good on Windows platform
  2. Accessibility to Roku other social media
  3. Firm data logging policy


  1. Very slow on MAC OS
  2. No phone complain system
  3. 05 concurrent connections

The company has been in business for 9 years and has grown steadily since then. They currently have a network of virtual private network servers that covers 94 countries worldwide with over 3000 pptp server located on 160+ server locations. Service is available in 13 US cities, including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, and New Jersey.

While using, you can benefit from their zero-log strategy for the ultimate in security. Not only has ExpressVPN invested in more robust guides.

Its is recommended to use ExpressVPN as it has lots of easy options which helps to change Roku IP address easily on any Roku device. and it is compatible with most routers.





  • Exceptional app
  • Access to social media
  • Strict policy on data logging


  • Use Static IP
  • Unprofessional Customer Support
  • Kill switch doesn’t work with iOS.

One of the most reliable VPN service, NordVPN offers six connections per server and five parallel connections. It operates in 62 countries and has more than 5300 servers spread across 80 server locations. The company provides its services in Atlanta, Buffalo, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Manassas (VA) & Miami (FL).

Nord is good with Windows, Android & MAC. Their Kill Switch feature turns one click into TOR browsing. We suggest to use Nord VPN as it provides numerous easy options to change Roku IP address with no hassle. Its flexible to work with any Roku device and many routers as well.






  • unlimited connected gadgets
  • Affordable packages with quality
  • A months money back guarantee



  • System operates kill switch manually
  • Static IP addresses
  • Lack of speed in comparison with competitors

The company operates on 65 locations with more than 3200 servers spread across 17 major cities in the United States. The average time it takes to find a server is 17% less compared to other companies, which suggests consistent performance in all US locations.

Surfshark Web Extension Compatible with Chrome and Firefox over Alternative VPN Extensions, According to Cure53 Cyber Security Firm. It is compatible with any Roku device and with most routers as well to find or change Roku ip address.

How To Find IP Address on Roku

We will discuss two direct approach ways to find IP address on Roku device.

Find Roku IP Address With Roku Remote

  1. Scroll down to Settings in the Roku main menu.
  2. Find the Network Connections or Wireless Network option.
  3. You can find your Roku’s IP address under the submenu About.

Find Roku IP Address Without Roku Remote

You might not always have direct access to your Roku’s menus. Even if you can’t access it from the menu, you can find out its IP address over a network. There are two ways to find roku IP address.

Using Remoku Chrome Extension

You need the “Remoku web app” its a specific roku app. This roku app can communicate over your network, which is exactly what you’re going to use it for here.

  • Run Chrome browser and search for Extensions
  • Now search Remoku. Extension on roku device.
  • Press Add to Chrometo install the extension.

chrome add extension

  • After installation it will be shown on the upper right corner of browser. Just press the icon and it will show you the menu likewise your remote has.

Chrome Roku Icon

  • Go to Setting, now check the first line it shows your IP address.

Chrome Roku IP

Using Your Router To Find IP Address On Roku

These are the steps to find IP address of roku devices as well as you can find out your router’s ip address.

  • Go to admin’s interface by putting in the credentials.
  • Browse all the connected devices of the same network by going through ethernet or wireless connection, you can easily pick up Roku devices by analyzing the Roku’s host name 
  • If you can find the devices listed with Roku’s hostname, you can browse the MAC address column to identify the device.
  • Click any from the list of mac addresses, and the related information will be popped for your reference.

What is Roku?

A Roku box is a small square roku device for your television that allows you to watch movies and TV shows through channels. Watching everything from Netflix to the news, there are many different ways to buy an appropriate set-top box for your lifestyle. A Roku TV has both these functionalities included in the quality TV. For the convenience of users they have launched a roku app as well.

How does it work?

Regardless of whether you buy a Roku device, TV, streaming stick, or sound bar, the setup process is very similar. All Roku devices need to be connected to a network for them to work. Do check your connection type if it slow it will not perform better.

After connecting Roku device to your TV, you will see the home screen. The main menu on the left and a large graphic grid containing various channels including Netflix & others are visible. These grids are also called “channels”.

To watch a channel, simply use your cable remote and navigate Roku device to the one you want, then press “OK.” If it is a subscription service, you’ll be asked to sign in with your credentials.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve previously used the Roku app and want to connect to your Roku device manually, Click Settings, go to Switch Roku Device. Select manually in the settings area.

  1. Hold the reset button for a while
  2. Do not switch off your streaming service.
  3. A factory reset will be made by the Roku device which will be shown through a blink of a light.
  4. When you see all the lights are off now, your device is now factory reset.


Roku users get a good response when they come across any problem related to the system of Roku device, they have an effective and capable technical team available that handles the problem efficiently and skillfully guides the users to resolve it the issue.

We do suggest our followers to gain knowledge, become credible, and erase dependency on others.