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Organization AS14618 Amazon.com, Inc.
Country United States
City Ashburn
State Virginia
Latitude 39.0437
Longitude -77.4875
Time Zone -04:00

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What Exactly is An IP Address?

There is no doubt that a common man has not heard the term .IP Address.. A common man, who is not so attached or up to date with technologies, has only little knowledge as to what IP address is. IP address stands for Internet Protocol Address. The various kinds of printers and computers that are all around the world have a label assigned to it (numeric label), which is its IP address. IP addresses are also given to various other digital devices.

IP address can be of two kinds basically. An IP address which never changes its form is called a static IP address, where as an IP address which changes and is temporary in nature is called dynamic IP address. It is found in modern day technologies which also allow one device to communicate with another (example-Computer) via internet. The functioning of IP address can be compared to that of emailing where the mail address is required.

There are two primary functions for an IP address, firstly it allows to differentiate and locate devices which are connected to the internet and helps to locate their address and secondly in identification of network interface. IP address is also defined as a 32-bit number. In an IP address there are four numbers, with each number consisting of one or up to 3 digits, being separated from each other with the help of dots.

In total there are two versions of IP address, one the IP version 4 and the other IP version 6. When we say IP address we generally refer to IPv4 because of its prevalence. A user can find out his IP address through various ways. It can be searched on Google by typing .What is my IP address. or by going to the start button on a Windows based computer, then going to accessories and then to command prompt and by entering .ipconfig. and clicking enter.

The IP address which is an innocuous looking number allows us to send and even retrieve data with the use of internet, while at the same time it ensures that the data sent reaches its correct location. In today's world of advanced technology, IP address also helps to give information such as city, region, country etc. Users are also allowed free lookups on various websites with the help of the IP address provided by such websites. Hence we can say that without this binary number or IP address it is almost impossible to receive and send data across the web. Read Dynamic IP address vs Static IP Address.

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